Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Dancing The Pelosi Polka

On Monday, I wrote about William Jefferson's reelection, despite his pending indictment. This is just the beginning of a series of trials and tribulations for Nancy Pelosi as she tries to play politics as usual and still convince the public she is ushering in a new era of openess, honesty and integrity.

According to Pelosi, Jefferson will not return to his spot on the Ways and Means Committee, but nothing has been mentioned about another member, James McDermott, who was recently admonished by the House ethics committee for violating ethics standards by giving reporters access to an illegally taped telephone call involving Republican leaders a decade ago. It may be that in the eyes of the Donks this isn't really an ethics violation but good political practice.

Then there is Representative Alan Mollohan of West Virginia, who is in line to become chairman of an Appropriations subcommittee that oversees the FBI. Mollohan must answer questions about personal business deals.

Jefferson also holds a seat on the House Budget Committee and no one has indicated if he will retain that position, but the Washington Post writes that a source close to Pelosi indicates that she is more likely to place him on a lower-profile committee and hope the controversy dies down. We must try to make sure she doesn't get away with that strategy.

Nancy will have to do some mighty fancy stepping to keep the appearance of ethical, honest and open government while running business as usual politics.

More at NewsMax.

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