Monday, October 29, 2007

Our Nation Unprotected

Why is the fact that our border is being violated by the army of another country not receiving more press? Why are the headlines not screaming about the Mexican military abusing our sovereignty?

This article talks about Mexican military incursions onto the U.S. side of the border and the fact that they are aiding drug smugglers on our border.

It states that incursions have been reported for years by U.S. law enforcement offices and by illegal aliens. Yet, both governments would prefer not to acknowledge the problem. When pressured, the U.S. discounts it, while Mexican officials deny it. Someuyimes they accuse drug smugglers disguised as soldiers.

The article continues that either (a) the Mexican Army can’t secure its materiel stores, or (b) it can’t control the border area, which is hardly reassuring .

What is hardly reassuring is that our government will not, absolutely refuses in fact, to control the border area. It prefers to let the Mexican military, drug smugglers and illegals run amok.

What a sad day that our nation no longer has leadership willing to protect it.

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