Saturday, March 01, 2008

Payback Coming To Gaza

Palestinian terorists in Gaza and their mad Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh are locked into suicide mode. As they fire rockets deeper into Israeli territory, they are provoking a military response from the IDF. On Thursday, an Iranian-made rockets struck Ashkelon, a city 11 miles north of Gaza.

The coward Haniyeh had been in hiding for weeks lest he be in the same danger he willingly subjects the elderly and women and children to, but on Friday he emerged for prayers and vowed Hamas would not be intimidated.

What a laugh, is he praying to satan? How can Hamas not be intimidated when their leader is in hiding?

"You are mistaken if you thought that targeting buildings, ministries and police stations is going to stop our work," Haniyeh said, directing his comments at Israel. "We will work under trees, in tents and in the streets."

Of course he will not be doing that. More likely he will be in a bunker or perhaps a mosque, hospital or orphanage, dressed as a woman and hiding behind children.

Given no choice except to invade Gaza, I hope the IDF eliminates the cowardly swine Haniyeh. There is no reason to take him alive.

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