Friday, July 09, 2010

Something Sinister This Way Comes

Like the mad radicals they represent, the Obama administration is hell bent on destruction for its own sake. In their last desperate attempt to cripple this nation they are busy planning their lame duck strategy for the end of this year.

They plan to force through bills in December that they don't want to defend before the election. That way the retiring rats who are jumping the sinking ship along with the scoundrels the voters throw out would be able to vote for sweeping leftwing legislation and not fear voter retaliation.

Get ready for cap and trade, the union card check bill, the New Start nuclear treaty and a federally mandated universal voter registration system that would override state laws (the mutant child of Chuckie Schumer and Barney Frank). There will be more including all kinds of porkulus as the liberal swine race to the public trough one more time.

The American public must let it be known that the backlash for such behavior will make November's bloodletting look like child's play. Anyone left in power who participates in this liberal madness will have no future in our government.

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