Monday, January 10, 2011

A New Card In Play

Well the oppressive progressives have a new weapon in their arsenal to stifle free speech. Now, it is your fault if some deranged unfortunate acts out. The new word of the day is vitriol, the liberals are in love with it because it plays so nicely next to the race card.

James Clyburn, now thinks we must be careful how our words affect people, especially those who aren't very stable. People who live in glass houses, Jim.

Here's some items worth a quick look.

Left targeted Giffords by their own definition of targeting.

Classmate of the man accused describes him as "left wing" and a "pot head"

His writings


Pete said...

here's another great quote bob...

Pete said...

oh look. they use targets too.

girlygirlsecret said...

Vitriol is a useful word, especially when independent voters look at the demeanor of the opponents in the "free speech" debate.

There are laws against "hate speech" on racial and other grounds already. If Clyburn is proposing to expand that to vitriol against conservatives, I might consider it...NOT!!!