Monday, June 13, 2005

Terrorists Told To Not Break The Law

How can you expect to deal with these terrorists as if they were civilized human beings? They never keep an agreement so what is the point of negotiation? The only thing they understand is violence, in fact they have a love affair with it.

Palestinian Authority (PA) foreign minister Nasser al-Kidwa declared on PA television, "The dismantling of armed organizations is not on the table because weapons are legal as long as the occupation exists. Possession of weapons is a strategic issue as long as there is occupation." Al-Kidwa, a nephew of former PLO leader Yasser Arafat, added that terrorists' should not use their weapons to break the law.

Several hours earlier, more than 40 terrorists attacked the PA headquarters in Gaza, where the Hamas terror organization has emerged as a rival authority. Shooting stopped after three hours, and no injuries were reported.

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon responded Saturday night saying that there will be no advancement in talks with the PA if it does not disarm terrorists.

Saturday's announcement is an about-face from the American road map plan that calls for the dismantling of the terrorist infrastructure. It also comes several hours after Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz consulted with another PA minister on coordinating the planned forced evacuation of Jews from Gaza this summer. Mofaz spoke Friday with PA interior minister Nasser Yousef, the same man who decided that terrorists involved in a terror attack should be freed from prison.

Two of the seven Islamic Jihad terrorists who were involved in the February suicide bombing at a Tel Aviv nightclub were freed Thursday from a Jericho jail. The Islamic Jihad demands the others be released. The attack, which killed five Israelis, occurred shortly after the Sharm el-Sheikh summit agreement that committed the PA to disarm terrorists in return for Israel withdrawing military forces from five large Arab cities.

The terrorists remaining behind PA bars are from Kalkilya, the next city where Israel is slated to surrender all control.

Mofaz, who repeatedly has said that the PA is not making enough effort to fight terrorism, nevertheless is continuing to speak with the PA about Israel's turning over to the Arabs complete control of Kalkilya, which borders Kfar Saba, north of Tel Aviv, and is the gateway to many large Jewish communities in Samaria.

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