Wednesday, May 27, 2009

And the Teleprompter Rolled On

George W. broke off only one leg of the "Axis of Evil" stool. Still left are Iran and North Korea and they both continue to create mischief. Bush was right and accurate to describe them as evil, but unfortunately he never confronted them. Iraq was the easiest to deal with and look how that turned out.

Now, we have the teleprompter talker to deal with the axis and what will he do?

Caroline Glick, deputy editor for the Jerusalem Post, writes "...we have learned that the [Obama] administration has made its peace with Iran's nuclear aspirations. Senior administration officials acknowledge as much in off-record briefings. It is true, they say, that Iran may exploit its future talks with the US to run down the clock before they test a nuclear weapon. But, they add, if that happens, the U.S. will simply have to live with a nuclear-armed mullocracy."

Prepare yourselves for two rogue nuclear powers, Iran and Korea. Iraq will likely be replaced by Pakistan as soon as the mad majority takes over. And the teleprompter rolls on.

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