Monday, July 27, 2009

Barack and the Borg

The Obama Overseers are at it again. This time they want the Republicans to use the phrase "public option"instead of "government run" when referring to Barack's forced health care edict.

The Franking Commission, which is authorized by law to oversee mail and other communications between members of Congress and their constituents that is paid for with federal funds, sent an e-mail to John Carter's staff requesting that the wording in the message be changed.

“Why does the Franking Commission have the right to prevent me from freely speaking what I think my folks back home ought to hear and instead tell me I have to speak what the president said last night?” Carter said, referring to President Barack Obama’s televised press conference at the White House last Wednesday.

The truth is Barack and the rest of the Borg cannot stand differing view points.Just listen to the buzzing of the Democrat drones.

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