Thursday, July 23, 2009

Science Czar, Holdren the Terrible

Here's a piece by Jim Pinkerton on Obama's Director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy, John Holdren. It reports that Holdren in the past has called for forced abortions, mass sterilizations and mandatory population controls.

Holdren along with two other authors of the book "Ecoscience" wrote: "To provide a high quality of life for all, there must be fewer people." I wonder who gets to decide who those fewer people are. Their plans included forcing single women to abort their babies or put them up for adoption; implanting sterilizing capsules in people when they hit puberty; and spiking water reserves and staple foods with a chemical that would make people sterile.

To help achieve their goals, they formulated a "world government scheme" they called the Planetary Regime, which would administer the world's resources and human growth, and they discussed the development of an "armed international organization, a global analogue of a police force" to which nations would surrender part of their sovereignty.

And Obama put this nut in a position of power and the Senate confirmed him. Folks we're in deep trouble.

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