Monday, February 01, 2010

Ahmadinejad's Anniversary Celebration

Iran's mad monkey Ahmadinejad is promising on February 11th, the anniversary of the 1979 revolution, that Iran will deliver a telling blow to global powers. Who knows what this mental defective means, but the lack of willingness to confront the Persian psychotics will soon cost the world dearly.

US intelligence knows of detailed war plans Iran, Syria, Hizballah and Hamas have drawn up to send five Hizballah brigades sweeping across the border rom Lebanon to seize five sectors of Galilee, while also organizing a massive Israeli-Arab uprising against the Jewish state.
Hamas would open a second front in the south and in the east. Syria is expected to step in at some stage.

Iranian sources report that the Basijj militia chiefs have a plan to seize the British embassy in Tehran. Western intelligence agencies monitoring Iran have warned London that radical groups are secretly preparing to overrun the British embassy buildings and living quarters and take the diplomats hostage, replicating the siege of the US embassy in 1979.

The US is beefing up forces in the area, but there are so many possible scenarios, running from insignificant to catastrophic, how does one adequately prepare? However, if this lunatic gives us the slightest reason to respond, we should do so with extreme prejudice.

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