Friday, February 26, 2010

Not Since Nixon

Well, Obama's fake good will gesture for bipartisan dialogue on his health care debacle did accomplish a few things.

It showed what an arrogant, pompous popinjay we have for a president. I haven't seen this kind of arrogance since Richard Nixon told us he was "not a crook." Unfortunately for Obama he lacks the intelligence and political savvy of the former president.

Everything Obama didn't want to discuss he dismissed as talking points. His remark to John McCain about the election being over was mean spirited and uncalled for. The election did not make a dictator, it merely named a president who is to SERVE this nation. However, it is most apparent that Barack in no way sees himself as a servant. Humility is foreign to him.

This is all for the best as America got to see Obama for what he truly is. He has become so full of himself he is unable to conceal his baser instincts and America has great distaste for this kind of snobby elitism.

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