Monday, March 08, 2010

Save America's Health, Kill the Bill

This is the time to make your voice heard, America. Keep the pressure on your representatives and senators. Wherever you can make your face heard, be there. If you can encourage or persuade another citizen, do so. Do not let up. Obamacare must be stopped and then, it's on to killing the next try for illegal amnesty.

America is counting on us, we must not fail her.

Check out Michelle Malkin and her post on the Obamacare Road Show.

Keep in mind, Democrat leaders in the House are struggling to get the 216 votes they need to pass the Senate bill. As many as 12 conservative Democrats who voted in favour of the House bill because it included tough new restrictions on abortion funding are now threatening to vote against the Senate version, which is less restrictive. The House bill passed by 220 to 215 so Democrats have few votes to spare. They can and must be stopped.

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