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Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Sad State of Affairs

A sad state of the union by a poor excuse for a president.

If We Were Meant to Fly, We Wouldn't Have Trains

NASA's plans to return astronauts to the moon are dead. So are the rockets being designed to take them there. When the White House releases its budget proposal Monday, there will be no money for the Constellation program that was to return humans to the moon by 2020. The Ares I rocket that was to replace the space shuttle to ferry humans to space will be gone, along with money for the Ares V cargo rocket that was to launch the fuel and supplies needed to return to the moon. There will be no lunar landers, no moon bases.

However, Obama is releasing $8 billion in funding for high-speed rail lines. After all, there are no voters on the moon.

I can't help but feel that the benefits in new technology from returning to the moon would far outweigh anything we will learn from bullet trains. And, mark my words, contracts will be given to foreign companies because they have "expertise" in this field. So, how many taxpayer dollars will be spent in Asia and Europe instead of America? Wait and see.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Obama Reaches For the Hatchet, Not the Scalpel

Barack Obama was against a spending freeze. He loved repeating that he wanted to use a scalpel not a hatchet because a spending freeze was an example of unfair burden sharing. So it seems he lied again.

Now, he is expected to make a spending freeze one of the highlights of his State of the Obamanation tonight. Barack Obama, offering us gimmicks instead of solutions.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Not Smarter Than A Sixth Grader

Barack Obama, the "great orator" and his Education Secretary Arne Duncan went to the Graham Road Elementary School in Falls Church, Va., on Jan. 19th. They used teleprompters to speak to 11 year old kids. They brought two teleprompters into the classroom along with the podium with the Presidential seal.

Who wants a president that cannot speak extemporaneously with children? If this guy is so brilliant and such a gifted speaker why does he need aids and props? The answer is, he is not all that bright and gifted. It becomes apparent the minute he has to think on his feet.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Carol Shea-Porter Wants Men to Go Home

The Democrats constantly make the most prejudiced, racist statements and are given a pass.

Now, Representative Carol Shea-Porter, Democrat from New Hampshire says Congress could pass healthcare reform if female lawmakers "sent the men home." She and some of her colleagues arrived at thia conclusion in the ladies room.

That's right folks. A sweeping generalization about an entire gender and it won't even be mentioned by most of the media. Had a male Republican made such a slur against females, there would be headlines screaming at us and liberal commentators having apoplectic seizures on our TV screens.

But, this is ok because she's a left wing, anti-war idiot. You could have predicted her ideas would originate in the latrine.

Friday, January 22, 2010

An Obama Teachable Moment

Air America's Death Rattle

Air America is shutting down. Awww! The left can't make anything work. And they wonder why they can't turn the economy around?

Founded in 2004 it will soon file to be liquidated under Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Air America says 10 consecutive quarters of declining ad revenue and the difficulty of making money on the Internet contributed to its financial woes. What does that tell you about its product? No one wants to listen to crap.

Another Wasted Obama Trip

President Obama will travel to the Cleveland suburbs Friday where he will meet with employees and visit a sporting goods factory to see the production of baseball and football helmets. Is this part of his plan to improve the economy? What epiphany is he expecting? What does he expect to hear from these truck driving, bible clutchers?

The Obama people are acting like they are just realizing that people are angry and frustrated. Had they not dismissed the average Americans as right wing extremists, perhaps they would have grasped the obvious early on. But Noooooo! These self appointed elitists thought they knew better. They thought their mahdi had arrived and would sweep the American infidels aside.

As always, the false prophet has been exposed and once the emperor has been seen naked, all the clothes in the world won't restore his dignity.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Obama, Year Two Begins

Senate Democrats on Wednesday proposed allowing the federal government to borrow an additional $1.9 trillion to pay its bills, a record increase that would permit the national debt to reach $14.3 trillion. The Obama debacle continues unabated.

Get a load of this logic. "We have gone to the restaurant. We have eaten the meal. Now the only question is whether we will pay the check," said Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus, D-Mont. "We simply must do so."

Tell us, senator, why did you go out to eat if you knew you had no money before you left home? Look who I'm asking, the man who nominated his live-in girlfriend to be the US Attorney for his state, the man with suspect ties to the health insurance and pharmaceutical industries. the man who rambled incoherently and seemed to be intoxicated on the Senate floor. Shut up, you low life piece of garbage. If you don't resign or retire, you will be voted out.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Great, Scott!

Scott Brown's upset victory in the Senate race in Massachusetts is an event few of us thought possible until recently.

This is a devastating defeat for Obama and his cartoon administration although, as expected, they are in denial. Baghdad Bobby Gibbs was asked by a reporter if what happened in Massachusetts might indicate the administration was out of step with the American people. He replied, "I think, according to any reasonable measure, the answer to that is, of course not."

I hope that is what they truly believe, because if it is they are in for a very rude awakening. When the Democrats lose in New Jersey and Massachusetts the outlook for them in other states is bleak indeed.

The American people are fed up with politicians in general and the Obamanation in particular. Stay tuned, Washington. We have not yet begun to fight.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Rise Up, America

From Public Policy Polling comes these almost unbelievable numbers in the Massachusetts Senate race.

"Scott Brown leads Martha Coakley 51-46 in Public Policy Polling’s final survey of the Massachusetts Senate special election, an advantage within the poll’s margin of error."

The release also explains, "Brown’s lead comes thanks to an overwhelming advantage with independents and the ability to pick off a decent number of Democrats. He’s getting the support of 19% of voters in Coakley’s party, while she is winning just 8% of the Republican vote. The lead
with independents is 64-32."

Today's outcome will be very interesting. Regardless of the outcome, the backlash against the Democrat's brazen disregard for the American voter is evident. Most Americans are still independent and don't want the government telling them what to do. They have this strange belief that they, the people, are in fact the government. I think they are about to prove it and woe to those who stand in their way.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Laugh of the day

Thanks to A Conservative Teacher for this one.

And the Crazy Carter Award Goes to Danny Glover

Proving once again that he's crazier than both an outhouse rat and Jimmy Carter, Danny Glover has blamed the Haitian earthquake on global warming. Here's part of Glover's mad babbling.

"And I hope we seize this particular moment because the threat of what happens in Haiti is the threat that can happen anywhere in the Caribbean to these island nations, you know?

They're all in peril because of global warming; they're all in peril because of climate change. When we see what we did at the climate summit in Copenhagen, this is the response, this is what happens, you know what I'm saying?"

You're as mad as they come Danny. I don't know that if we went all the way to Vienna we could get someone that could help you. You're that far gone, you know what I'm saying?

Marcia, Margie, Mary, hic, Midge, Maria hic

Patrick Kennedy is either drinking again or he's already lost more brain cells then he can afford.

While President Obama was inflicting his tired oratory on Massachusetts voters Sunday, Kennedy was trying to get Martha Coakley's name right. He consistently referred to her as Marcia, then he's a Kennedy and how does one keep track of so many women. And, just like a Kennedy he refuses to take responsibility for anything. He wants to keep blaming "George Bush and his cronies", but Kennedy's been in congress over 20 years and his cronies have controlled congress for a good part of the Bush presidency.

Patrick declared, "if you know that it takes eight years for George Bush and his cronies to put our country into this hole ... then you know we have a lot of digging to do, but some work needs to be done and this president's in the process of doing it and we need to get Marcia Coakley to help him to do that." That's Martha, you stupid sot.

Has anyone explained to him that digging doesn't get you out of a hole, it just gets you in deeper. Maybe that explains why Obama can't get us out of the hole we're in.

Speaking of Obama he took a pathetic jab at Scott Brown by attacking his vehicle. "Forget the truck. Everyone can buy a truck," ranted the president. However Brown's reply was quick and deadly. "Mr. President, unfortunately in this economy, not everybody can buy a truck," Brown said in a statement. "My goal is to change that by cutting spending, lowering taxes and letting people keep more of their own money."

What a concept. Meanwhile the Democrats will continue bribing and catering to the special interest groups to pass their legislation that the majority of Americans do not want and certainly cannot afford.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Wherefore Art Thou, Transparency

Completely tossing away any pretense of living up to its promise of open and transparent government, this administration has become a festering sore of deceit and duplicity. Even Biden's meeting with the chief of transparency for economic recovery is closed to the press.

What is this administration afraid of? The truth, obviously. When you are undermining the very fabric of this great nation, it becomes extremely difficult to open the books to the public.

Obama's Justice Department continues to stonewall inquiries about why it dropped a voter intimidation case against the New Black Panther Party. Why doesn't Eric Holder reinstate the case or, at the very least, provide a full explanation for why it was dropped. Otherwise, we must suspect racism on the part of the administration.

Stay tuned, the worst is yet to come.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Can You Spare Some Change?

Retail sales fell in December, leaving 2009 with the biggest yearly drop on record. The number of newly laid-off workers requesting unemployment benefits rose last week. It seems jobs remain scarce despite what the Obama boys would have you believe about their stimulus.

The number of households that received a foreclosure-related notice rose 21 percent from 2008.

If the Obamacare debacle is not stopped we will be swept into another great depression. Are you paying attention, America?

The Donks Are Afraid, Very Afraid

Scott Brown's candidacy has turned the race in Massachusetts into a Democrat nightmare. While it will take a miracle for him to win, he has performed well enough to scare the daylights out of the Donks.

The Democrats terrible candidate and the disgust with the Obamanation have caused even the Massachusetts bastion of idiocy to rethink itself. That is why the president is feverishly at work behind the scenes. He used his campaign e-mail list to send a letter praising Coakley and seeking support. Also, his Twitter feed urged supporters to make phone calls promoting Coakley's candidacy.

The Donks want to get their people to the polls and this will work for them. Remember to never underestimate the stupidity of liberals in large groups.

Anyway, the fact that the liberals are all aflutter in their own stronghold is a victory in itself.

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While Obama Fiddles

While the distraction of Harry Reid's racism dominates media attention, oil prices jumped above $83 a barrel Monday in Asia because of a strong Chinese demand for crude and an always weakening U.S. dollar. China said Sunday that oil imports rose 14 percent last year to a record high in December, part of a 56 percent surge in overall imports last month. And it's only going to get worse.

After a century of dominating the automobile market, China has replaced the U.S. as the world’s largest auto market after its 2009 vehicle sales jumped 46 percent. More cars equals more gas and China has the money and power to control it. China has also overtaken Germany as the world's biggest exporter after December exports rose 17.7 percent.

What is all this telling you? China is already the new superpower. While our government continues to spend us recklessly into a third world status. Folks I hate to say it, but it may be time to make sure your passports are up to date and your children or grandchildren are learning Chinese.

Note: You may consider moving what little devalued dollars you have left.
Chinese banks have cemented their position as the most highly valued financial institutions, taking four of the top five slots in a ranking of banks’ share prices as a multiple of their book values.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

There's No Driver

Perhaps the Obama plan is to reduce the workforce thus lowering the unemployment percentage and at the same time making a case for Shamnesty because we need more laborers.

According to some economists, had the labor force not decreased by 661,000 last month, the jobless rate would have been 10.4 percent. “The actual unemployment rate is higher than shown by the official numbers,” Harm Bandholz said yesterday after theLabor Department report was released.

About 1.7 million Americans opted out of the workforce from July through December, representing a 1.1 percent drop that marks the biggest six-month decrease since 1961, the Labor Department report showed. The share of the population in the labor force last month fell to the lowest level in 24 years.

Ryan Sweet, a senior economist at Moody’s said, “We expect unemployment to resume rising over the next few months, peaking near 10.5 percent in the third quarter.”

The outlook is far gloomier than the administration will admit. 2010 portends to be a year of unmitigated disasters, from the economy to terrorism to social unrest. This nation has become like the driverless stagecoach in the old Western movies. The team is running amok with the reins flapping ineffectively. The vehicle narrowly misses one disaster after another, but the audience knows the end is coming and it will be tragic for the passengers. Hang on, we're in for one hell of a ride.

Friday, January 08, 2010

Transient Security Administration

The failures of TSA keep mounting up. Now it's reported that the security breach at the Newark airport over the weekend was caused by an officer who left his post unattended.

Security video shows the officer walking away from his post about four minutes after he asked an unidentified man to stay behind the rope line. Moments later, the man ducks under the rope and walks the wrong way through security to greet a woman, prompting a security breach that shut down Terminal C for hours and forced the rescreening of thousands of passengers.

Cameras don't work, procedures are not known and employees won't or can't do their jobs. We're not in good hands.

How's that Employment Trend Working for You, Barack?

President Obama Says Employment Trends Are Improving

That was from December's White House press release. Well, guess what. Just as I said then, the trend was only a hiccup. The government reported a loss of 85,000 jobs in December and unemployment stayed at 10%.

Just like he said last month, Obama is threatening us with more schemes to "stimulate" the economy, schemes that will only drive us further into debt. And if that's not bad enough, he is about to tie the Obamcare albatross around the nation's neck soon to be followed by Shamnesty. Jimmy Carter on steroids.

Obama Declares, “We are at war"

In an "unprecedented" grasp of the obvious, Barack Obama declared on Thursday, “We are at war, we are at war against al Qaeda.” The president thereby made it it clear that he is now aware of what every sane American has known for years.

To prove that he now realizes we may be under attack, the president said that he would assign “specific responsibility for all leads on high priority threats. Not just most of the time but all of the time.” He also said he would direct all intelligence to be “distributed more rapidly and more widely” among federal agencies; direct greater integration of intelligence analysis; and order security agencies to immediately add more people to the Terrorism Watch List, specifically the “No Fly” list.

Had he known earlier that we were at war with al Qaeda, perhaps he would have made these actions a priority instead of making fruitless trips abroad for the Chicago Olympics, undeserved awards and Global Goring. Then again.....

Thursday, January 07, 2010

TSA on Drugs Could Explain Much

A TSA agent was arrested on January 3rd in Terminal One at LAX, a source told NBCLA. He had just gotten off duty and was behaving erratically, saying, "I am god, I’m in charge."

Meanwhile, a TSA Internal Affairs investigation turned up evidence of LAX TSA agents using drugs at an after-hours party.

TSA officials say a videotape of the party was of poor quality and the employees were not in uniform, but 4 employees were tentatively identified.

All 4 were tested for drugs. One came back positive and that employee was fired.

Who Was That Masked Czar?

It looks like Obama's exercise Czar has been arrested.

It seems a man was taken into custody after he took off his clothes and began a jog a few blocks from the White House.

Secret Service spokesman Darrin Blackford said the man's run lasted less than a minute before he was apprehended. The president was at home at the time. Obviously, he was waiting to meet with this gentleman, probably intending to use this as a teachable moment.

Temperatures at the time of the man's run were about 35 degrees.

The Count on Obama is 0 and 2

Obama and his jackals would like you to accept that the recent security debacles were systemic and therefore no one can really be held accountable. However, systems do not put themselves in place, they do not maintain themselves and they do not test themselves the way people can.

We now know that when an unidentified man breached a secure area at Newark on Sunday night, the TSA cameras weren't working. Finding their own cameras inoperable, the TSA tried to get a second set of surveillance video from Continental Airlines. But the TSA apparently didn't know the correct telephone number and the specific procedures to get the footage. That caused a two hour delay in identifying the intruder and closing the airport to look for him.

When they finally got the footage, they couldn't find the intruder, discovering later that he had slipped out another entrance 20 minutes after he arrived.

This administration has had a year to make sure our security is more than adequate and that it functions properly. It has had time for dry runs, tweaking and overhauling. Stop the excuses, Barack, you and your fellow incompetents have been asleep at the wheel. Knowing how you have lied about honesty and transparency, I'm sure there is even greater malfeasance that has yet to be uncovered.

Get ready, America, I think what you are about to learn, as White House national security adviser James Jones said, will give you "a certain shock."

"That's two strikes," Jones was quoted as saying, referring to the failed Northwest jet attack and the shooting massacre at Fort Hood, Texas, in November. The Army base attack left 13 dead after officials failed to act on intelligence identifying suspected gunman Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan as a threat to fellow soldiers.

Jones, a retired four-star Marine general, told the paper that Obama "certainly doesn't want that third strike, and neither does anybody else."

A third strike means you're out.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010



Eight Clips of Obama Promising Televised Healthcare Negotiations. Read his lips.

Rent a President Security

Donks Jump Ship as Obama Sinks

First Dodd and now Byron Dorgan, the senator from North Dakota, announces he will not seek re-election to the Senate in 2010. This is merely the tip of the global warming iceberg. Stay tuned.

Like rats leaving the sinking garbage scow, watch the abandonment of Obama's barge. You would think with all their recent "success," they would want to continue on with the hopey, changey thing. Is it that they feel they have the nation where they want it? No, they feel the wrath of the extremist majority, the American people is about to be unleashed upon them. Like all cowardly left wingers, they scurry back to their holes and will wait to seize another opportunity to ravage the nation again. If we are smart, this time we will elect exterminators to rid us of this vermin.

I forgot to mention Colorado Governor Bill Ritter won't run for re-election this fall, sources told The Associated Press on Tuesday. The first-term Democrat was elected in 2006 in a pivotal swing-voting state. He has been widely considered a rising star in the Democratic Party. One term and he's now a falling star.

Dodd Quits, One Down, Many to Go

CNN reports, a news conference is planned for Wednesday to announce the retirement of Chris Dodd, the slime ball senator from Connecticut. Without his drinking buddy, Teddy Kennedy and almost sure to lose re-election in 2010, Dodd has chosen to quit playing, take his bottle and go home.

His most recent lies denied his involvement with handing out big bonuses at AIG, after the insurance giant received taxpayer bailout money. Later he had to admit his role. Despite his lies, it came out that he was told from the start he was getting a VIP mortgage discount from one of the nation’s largest lenders, Countrywide.

Although he wanted to be president in 2008, he is giving up in 2010. It's obvious he is unwilling to face the wrath of the voters. Anyway, it's good riddance to one of the most corrupt and crooked rodents to ever disgrace the halls of Congress.

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Monday, January 04, 2010

No Smoking Gun Because the Gang Can't Shoot

It's not the smoking gun, it's the gang that couldn't shoot straight.

John Brennan, the assistant to the president for homeland security and counterterrorism, said on CNN's "State of the Union" that the security breakdown in the failed bombing of the Northwest Airlines flight was different from the September 11, 2001, terror attacks. "There is no smoking gun piece of intelligence out there," Brennan said of the failed Christmas bombing.

The Obama gang is busy picking the fly poop out of the pepper in their pitiful attempts to salvage something positive from this most recent terrorist attack. As Thomas Kean, a former governor of New Jersey, said both events occurred because the U.S. intelligence community failed to piece together various bits of information it already possessed in the weeks and months prior to the attacks.

That is the situation in a nutshell. The inept Obama boys can waltz out their talking points on news shows from now until the cows come home, but the truth is the only thing that saved us on Christmas day was providence.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Ben Nelson Spinning Out of Control

There seems to be no end to Ben Nelson's shameful behavior. Politico reports that he has asked the South Carolina Attorney General Henry McMaster to "call off the dogs." This is a reference to recent threats by the state AGs to file a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of a Medicaid provision in the bill that benefits Nebraska at the expense of other states.

It seems that Nelson told McMaster that the Medicaid deal had not been his idea, and that the same Medicaid exemption would be extended to other states.Yet, Senate Democratic leaders have made no reference to a plan to expand the Nebraska deal to the remaining 49 states. In fact, there is no way the federal government could assume such an expense and keep alive Obama's myth that this will reduce the federal deficit.

Nelson's in big trouble and deservedly so. He will do or say anything at his point. Come to think of it that's nothing new.

2010 may turn out to be a good year after all!