Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tiger Wu

Seven-term Democratic Rep. David Wu faced increasing pressure Wednesday to step down amid a series of bizarre revelations in recent days about his mental health, including a photo he sent to staffers during his re-election bid showing him wearing a tiger costume.

Wu says he has no intention of quitting. Of course not, in the liberal world there's nothing bizarre about this behavior.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

The Naked Guy Has Got to Go

The Middle East is in chaos, the Korean peninsula is ready to explode, China is overtaking us as the next superpower and our economy is still flailing about. Where is the leadership, the diplomacy and the brilliance we were promised by the Obamamites?

The emperor is naked folks, he has no clothes. The American people who voted for this fraud were duped. He is clueless about what to do and lacks the ability to act decisively if he even had a clue.

The Egyptian crisis, once again, shines a spotlight on a befuddled Barack, who cannot understand that words without actions are meaningless. His magic bag of bull crap has worked for him his whole life, but now that he needs actual skill and wisdom he finds himself unarmed.

We must never let this man have the reins of power again.