Monday, January 10, 2011

A New Card In Play

Well the oppressive progressives have a new weapon in their arsenal to stifle free speech. Now, it is your fault if some deranged unfortunate acts out. The new word of the day is vitriol, the liberals are in love with it because it plays so nicely next to the race card.

James Clyburn, now thinks we must be careful how our words affect people, especially those who aren't very stable. People who live in glass houses, Jim.

Here's some items worth a quick look.

Left targeted Giffords by their own definition of targeting.

Classmate of the man accused describes him as "left wing" and a "pot head"

His writings

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Gibbs to Go

Obama's version of Baghdad Bob is on the way out. I wonder who the next propaganda minister will be.

Higher Gas Prices From Barack Obama

Here's Obama's new strategy for helping our economy to flounder. Higher oil prices threaten to derail the fragile economic recovery among developed nations this year, the leading energy watchdog has warned.

If Bush were still in office the media would be screaming about this, but because it's the great black dope he gets another pass.

Rising fuel costs means increased cost for just about everything you can think of and certainly will kill any chance of new job creation. 2011 promises to be a very dismal year that may well end with the dollar devalued and unemployment well above 10%.

Monday, January 03, 2011