Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Kerry's Karma Comes Calling

Well, Kerry's done it again. The arrogant, pompous popinjay let slip his true feelings and now he cannot back down. Once again, he is forced to try to lie and distort to hide his real disdain for the hoi polloi, those he considers the great unwashed.

Kerry may have had to endure four long months of "action" in Viet Nam before he was able to maneuver himself back home, but that was for a greater purpose. To forward his political ambitions, it was a necessary evil. You others though, get yourselves an education or you may find yourself
serving ( a word John Kerry uses to describe inferiors). That is why he married well. Well, in the sense of money, if nothing else.

This man is a national disgrace and both he and his partner the KGB Comrade Kennedy have much to answer for.

Holy Hellabazoo, Rangel's Raving Again

NewsMax says that Charlie Rangel has called the Vice President a "son of a bitch.” Why, because Dick Cheney said that Rangel's intention to not continue a single one of President Bush's tax cuts would be bad for the economy. Cheney said, "Charlie doesn't understand how the economy works . . ."So if a man like Charlie Rangel were to be chairman of the committee, and sitting there with the gavel, all he has to do is not act, just don't call up the legislation, and there'll be a big tax increase.”

That is certainly a reasonable attack on the economic acumen of your opponent. Does Rangel come back with a cogent argument? No, he resorts to name calling which is probably all he does understand. And Rangel thinks Cheney has problems with communication. This from the man who said, "The Hamas, and the Hellabazoo, the Hezballoo, have to really be cut, this cancer cut, out of our society now." ( see
Here.) What communication skills, Charlie, almost bordering on competence!

At least, Rangel has said that he will quit Congress if the Donks don't take back the House. There's another reason to vote Republican next week.

Sorry Charlie, but you've pegged out on the senility gauge.

Capturing The Moment

Thanks Debbie Schlussel for the "picture of the day."

Birdbrains Of A Feather

From WorldNetDaily comes the pc idiocy of the day:

The William & Mary College Young Americans for Freedom chapter will be distributing 25,000 feathers during the homecoming football game tomorrow in protest of the National Collegiate Athletic Association's ruling that two feathers appearing in the athletic logo are "hostile and abusive" to American Indians.

One student summed it up the best."This is political correctness run amok," said junior Joe Luppino-Esposito, board member of the Young Americans for Freedom. "But even so, this is not even a left-right issue. This is common sense. Two feathers are not offensive, and anyone who thinks so should not be taken seriously."

All I can say is, amen to that.

Try Demonstrating In Mexico

I just want to mention the bloody riots in Oaxaca, Mexico so I can make a point about the disgusting double standard that Mexico likes to use.

US citizens, that are unfortunate enough to be there, have been told to avoid demonstrations because Mexican law makes it illegal for foreign nationals to participate in political protests. Three people, including one America were killed Friday when plainclothes gunmen opened fire on a blockade set up by demonstrators. Where is Vicente Fox and the rest of his jackals now? Why are they not comdemning this? Why hasn't our government been screaming about the failure of Mexican authorities to treat our people with respect and dignity? Why is murder ok on their side of the border, but a wall is not ok to keep the murderers out on our side?

The silence from our government regarding this incident is the stamp of approval on Mexico's hypocrisy and highlights, once again, the failure of our elected officials to protect the American people. Keep that in mind next Tuesday.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Gangs Across The Border

The Dallas Morning News has an article detailing gang activity that comes and goes across our porous borders. This is just another example of the government failing to protect the nation.

A recent incident in September highlights the problem:

A Texas National Guard soldier with night-vision equipment spied four figures slipping through the brush and alerted Border Patrol agents.

The men were arrested, and one in particular stood out for the extensive tattoos across his face, body and arms.

A fingerprint check showed Santos Chileno-Gomez, a 23-year-old Salvadoran, had been deported for an assault on a Long Island, N.Y., police officer. His lengthy criminal record – and the tattoos – labeled him as a member of Mara Salvatrucha 13, a vicious international street gang that federal authorities call one of the most violent in the U.S.

What adds to the severity of this incident is that Gomez is only one of 76 MS-13 gang members apprehended by the Border Patrol in the Rio Grande Valley during the just-ended fiscal year. That's up by 62 from the previous year.

Why do we deport those who will only return? An illegal assaulting a police officer should result in, at the very least, a long prison term. Why are we tolerating this?

The problem is not new and the government has been aware of it, but still nothing of any consequence is being done. All that comes from Washington is empty rhetoric. Election day is next week. Let the government hear from you.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Great "Scholars" Think Alike

After Sheik Taj Din al-Hilali's outrageous statements about women recently, some reports tried to focus on criticism by the Muslim community. However, it seems he has some rather staunch support from a senior cleric in England.

Abduljalil Sajid, a senior figure in the Muslim Council of Britain, supported Hilali’s views, by saying that “loose women like prostitutes” encouraged men to be immoral. “As far as I am concerned he is a great scholar and he has a great knowledge of Islamic jurisprudence,” Sajid added.

Dr Sajid said that he had advised the sheikh, in the future, to think before he spoke.

However, after the meeting with Dr Sajid, Sheikh al-Hilali told a media contingent inquiring if he would resign: “After we clean the world of the White House first.”

What a charitable and peaceloving duo. And, now, perhaps joining them is another imam in England who has been accused of defending the execution of sexually-active gay people as "justified".

Everywhere you turn this alleged minority of madness keeps spouting its barbaric religious dogma and threatening the civilized world with its imposition. Is the world willing to allow this return to the dark ages?

Read more at Timesonline.


Add one more: Iranian Grand Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi has issued a fatwa that it is legitimate for men to hit their disobedient wives. Shirazi, one of the leading clerics of the Shiite holy city of Qom, wrote on his website that "the Koran first of all advises a man to try and convince his wife to obey to him in a polite way and through advice, then by refusing to have sexual relations with her and, finally, if all this will have failed to make her reason, with physical punishment."

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Friday, October 27, 2006

Commitment Requires Character

James McGreevey, the former New Jersey governor who announced he was gay and resigned from office when he was about to be outed, is applauding the state's Supreme Court.

The court has ruled that same-sex couples must be given the same rights as married people, but left it up to the Legislature to decide how to accomplish this.

McGreevey has the audacity to say, "Marriage would offer the ability to bless our relationship in a committed way."

What's McGreevey's record on commitment?

Well, his divorce is still not finalized, but that hasn't stopped him from living with Mark O'Donnell in what we may be reasonably certain is not a platonic relationship. Even when his marriage was intact, it didn't prevent him from having affairs. So what happened to his vows to his wife? So much for that commitment and that was his second marriage.

Although he claimed to be a devout Roman Catholic, he remarried without an annulment from his first marriage, is pro abortion and continues to carry on gay affairs. So much for the religious commitment.

He was accused by his homeland security adviser of sexual harassment and of offering money to make the pending lawsuit go away. So much for the oath of office commitment or any vestige of integrity at all.

All this will mean little to the looney liberals who think character doesn't matter. But, as Rush Limbaugh has said, "Character matters; leadership descends from character."

That is why the left is unfit to lead and why they must be turned away again in the next election.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Great Whining Noise From The South

By way of Sign On San Diego comes word that Mexico, supported by 27 other nations, made a declaration at the Organization of American States on Wednesday, slamming U.S. plans to build hundreds of miles of fence on its southern border.

The declaration was read out by Mexico's Ambassador Alejandro Garcia Morenoat the OAS headquarters in Washington. It stated the fence would not solve the immigration problem and urged the U.S. government to rethink its position. The 28 nations expressd “deep concern regarding the decision adopted by the United States of America to build and extend a wall on its border with Mexico, considering it to be a unilateral measure that goes against the spirit of understanding.”

Doesn't the breaking of our laws and attacks on our law enforcement violate any spirit of understanding, justice or just downright good neighborliness? No, I guess Mexico and its pack of whiners (Antigua, Argentina, Barbados, Belize, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, Ecuador, El Salvador, Granada, Guatemala, Guyana, Haiti, Honduras, Jamaica, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, San Kitts and Nevis, San Lucia, San Vicente, Suriname, Uruguay and Venezuela) don't feel obligated to act civilized and orderly.

They don't seem to realize the US is a sovereign nation and can build what it pleases on its own territory, much the same way the border towns in Mexico create garbage dumps and set them on fire even though the pollution often blows into the US.

Well, these idiots are now going to the UN to complain. We should present them with a bill for eveything their illegals have cost us and the next time one of their invaders gets injured running from our law enforcement let's drop him off at their doorstep instead of hospitalizing him for free here. I'm sure he'd get much better treatment in his own wonderful country of origin.

Who Will Muzzle The Mufti?

The Australian reports that the nation's most senior Muslim cleric has blamed immodestly dressed women who don't wear Islamic headdress for being preyed on by men and likened them to abandoned "meat" that attracts voracious animals. Sheik Taj Din al-Hilali said there were women who "sway suggestively" and wore make-up and immodest dress ... "and then you get a judge without mercy (rahma) and gives you 65 years".

In a "religious address" on adultery to about 500 worshippers in Sydney last month, Sheik Hilali said: "If you take out uncovered meat and place it outside on the street, or in the garden or in the park, or in the backyard without a cover, and the cats come and eat it ... whose fault is it, the cats or the uncovered meat?

"The uncovered meat is the problem."

The sheik then said: "If she was in her room, in her home, in her hijab, no problem would have occurred."

He said women were "weapons" used by "Satan" to control men.

"It is said in the state of zina (adultery), the responsibility falls 90 per cent of the time on the woman. Why? Because she possesses the weapon of enticement (igraa)."

This guy is one of the bobblehead islamomaniacs from Lebanon. Attempts to deport him after he overstayed his visa failed. Do you think it's because he is so highly desirable as a future citizen or because as usual some looney liberals wanted to join him in a chorus of Kumbaya?

Here are some of the mad mufti's quotes:

"The Jews struggle with humanity is as old as history itself; the present continuing struggle with the Islam nation is a natural continuation of the Jews enmity towards the human race as a whole. Judaism controls the world by…secret movements as the destructive doctrines and groups, such as communism, libertinism, Free Masons, Baha'ism, the Rotary clubs, the nationalistic and racist doctrines. The Jews try to control the world through sex, then sexual perversion, then the promotion of espionage, treason, and economic hoarding."
"Sons of Islam, there is a war of infidels taking place everywhere. The true man is the boy who opposes Israeli tanks with strength and faith. The boy who, despite his mother's objections, goes out to war to become a martyr like his elder brother. The boy who tells his mother: 'Oh mother, don't cry for me if I die. Oh mother, Jihad has been imposed on me and I want to become a martyr'."

"September 11 is God's work against oppressors. Some of the things that happen in the world cannot be explained; a civilian airplane whose secrets cannot be explained if we ask its pilot who reached his objective without error, who led your steps? Or if we ask the giant that fell, who humiliated you? Or if we ask the President, who made you cry? God is the answer."
What a spokesman for the religion of peace, compassion and tolerance. Some Muslim community leaders were offended by his recent remarks, and said the cleric was no longer worthy of his title as Australia's mufti. Oh, so all his previous quotes about the Jews and America weren't sufficient to remove him? These are just more of the prophet's psychotics turning on their own. They all need to be gone.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

One Less Profile


Excellent news from the War on Terrror. One of the FBI's most wanted has been neatly removed from the list. May he rest in pieces.

Muhsin Musa Matwalli Atwah, aka Abdul Rahman, Abdul Rahman Al-Muhajir, Abdel Rahman, Mohammed K.A. Al-Namer is dead. Pakistan has declared him killed in an airstrike near the Afghan border. DNA testing has confirmed this claim according to US officials.

Atwah was wanted in connection with the August 7, 1998, bombings of the United States Embassies in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, and Nairobi, Kenya.
Recently, he was suspected of being a supplier of arms to terrorists in Waziristan.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Halloween Fright

A friend recently sent me this Halloween Greeting. If you want to be frightened by pure evil go and visit.

What's Your Price?

Everyone knows about the rampant corruption in Mexico and now we are in competition with them. By way of NewsMax comes an LA Times report that more than 200 Americans on the public payroll have been convicted of taking bribes from narcotics smugglers or illegal immigrant traffickers during the past two years.

The list of officials involves Border Patrol agents, local police, a county sheriff, motor vehicle clerks and an FBI supervisor. Others include immigration examiners, prison guards, school district officials and uniformed personnel of every branch of the U.S. military.

So far, the number of individuals indicted for corruption shows a steady growth: 17 in 2004, 35 in 2005 and 52 in 2006.

The laws need to be strengthened so the penalty for selling out your countrymen is severe. Make no mistake, this kind of crime needs to fall into the classification of treason because it is a betrayal of our nation.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Half Baked Gingerbread Person Idea

When does it end? Where does it stop?

The latest victim of Political Correctness Gone Mad is the poor Gingerbread Man.
The Daily Mail says a bakery chain in England has started telling people they may only purchase a Gingerbread Person. Parents and children who asked for the sweet treat were outraged to be told at branches of the Bakers Oven that the Gingerbread Man no longer existed.

Can't we identify the cretins who make these decisions and fix them so they too become neither male nor female but only persons? Then they can be forever content in their own political correctness.

Sumerian Paper Sets Off Looney Lawsuit

Who have the prophet's psychotics worked themselves up into a frenzy over this week?

According to
The Australian, the new target of their hate is Muazzez Ilmiye Cig, a 92 year old Turkish archeologist. She has infuriated local islamomaniacs because she published a scientific paper on the Sumerians. It indicates that the use of headscarves by women predates Islam because they were worn by Sumerian priestesses initiating young people into sex.

A lawyer has filed a complaint against Cig, resulting in a prosecutor charging both her and her publisher with "inciting hatred based on religious differences". If convicted, the two face up to three years in jail.

The issue does not seem to be about the facts, but rather the emotions of the bobbleheaded burka lovers of islamalalaland.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Firm Believer, Audi Man

According to NewsMax, ex-Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, has described in an advance copy of his memoirs how he was put off by President Bush's constant references to his Christian faith.

"What bothered me, and in a certain way made me suspicious despite the relaxed atmosphere, was again and again in our discussions how much this president described himself as 'God-fearing,'" Schroeder wrote, adding he is a firm believer in the separation of church and state.

"We rightly criticize that in most Islamic states, the role of religion for society and the character of the rule of law are not clearly separated," Schroeder wrote. "But we fail to recognize that in the USA, the Christian fundamentalists and their interpretation of the Bible have similar tendencies."

It should not be a surprise to anyone that this nominal Protestant has problems with those that truly embrace their Christian faith. Schroeder has been married four times, so it is rather obvious how seriously he takes a vow. It seems everytime he divorced, the next wife was waiting in the wings. His present wife is the result of an affair while he was still married to wife number three. The four marriages heve earned him the nickname "Audi chancellor" (four rings like the car symbol).

Then there is the whole Gazprom affair, which pretty much shows Schroeder is a firm believer in the separation of integrity and state office.

Finally to make the ludicrous comparison of Christian fundamentalists and their interpretation of the Bible having similar tendencies to Islamomaical muslim bobbleheads simply confirms Gerhard as the looney leftist wingnut he always has been. He tries to smear God fearing Christianity by comparing it to those who murder, torture and behead anyone who disagrees with them. Perhaps that is why he is no longer chancellor.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Homeland Insecurity

There is a report at the US House of Representatives Committee on Homeland Security that documents what horrible shape our southern border is in. Anyone doubting that this security fiasco needs to be fixed immediately if not sooner, should read this.

The only question is if the government is aware why has it failed to act? This is a disgrace.

The report details crimes by illegal aliens against US citizens. It spells out our vulnerability to terrorist infiltration.
Illegals from Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Pakistan and Afghanistan have been apprehended either in or attempting to get into the United States. Mexican gangs and drug cartels are running amok at the border and attacks on our law enforcement and American citizens continue to increase.

When will our government put an end to this assault on America? Why are we afraid to act?

Weekend Funny

Ninth Circus, Wrong As Usual

What were the odds folks? The 9th circus court had another ruling overturned.

Arizona will be requiring voters to present a photo ID at next month's election as voters desired when they passed Proposition 200 in 2004. The Supreme Court has decided that the 9th circus was in error for granting an injunction to put the new rules on hold without waiting for the district court to explain its reasons for not granting an injunction.

I'm sure those black robed clowns in the district court could care less about practice and procedure and were only interested in stuffing their looney left wing agenda down the public's throat.

Read more at azcentral.

Friday, October 20, 2006

I Got Your Incitement, Right Here

The bobbleheads at CAIR have an item they call "incitement watch."

I guess this is supposed to be a warning to Westerners about things that we may say or do that could cause the prophet's psychotics to take to the streets. As we have seen, cartoons, the pope, the cross, short pants, Israel, pretty much anything can be a cause for the islamolunatics.

The latest incitement belongs to John Gibson of Fox News. "Speaking as an American: no Sharia law, no veils. If you're here, be American," Gibson wrote.

Watch out, John, that's pretty radical stuff. You might cause some attacks on churches and temples, maybe even a few clergy killings if you persist. It seems the mad muslim zealots have no self control and they can be incited to fly off the handle any moment.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Too Fat To Die?

CNN tells us Jeffrey Lundgren has joined a lawsuit challenging Ohio's use of lethal injection to carry out the death penalty. Lundgren's plea is that he will experience pain and suffering because he is diabetic and overweight.

He was convicted of killing the Avery family of five (two adults and three children) in 1989. He shot them while they stood in a pit inside his barn.

Lundgren formed a cult after he was dismissed in 1987 as a lay minister of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, now known as the Community of Christ. He explained at his trial that he considered himself a prophet and God had told him through interpretation of scripture to kill the Averys.

The jury was unimpressed and returned their recommendation that Jeffrey Don Lundgren be put to death five times over.

That was a good decision and another good one is needed now. Why this lunatic was allowed to become obese in prison is a problem by itself. However to deny justice because of it is unacceptable. Pain and suffering should not in and of itself necessarily be unconstitutionally cruel and unusual punishment.

The lawsuit Lundgren joined was brought by death row inmate Richard Wade Cooey, convicted of the kidnapping, rape, robbery and murder of two University of Akron students in 1986. He beat them to death with a billy club. How's that for cruel and unusual?

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Another Foiled Coup In Pakistan

Asia Times Online reports that an assassination plot hatched in the Waziristan tribal headquarters of al-Qaeda in Pakistan was recently thwarted.

This is interesting because I recently posted about the British general over NATO troops in Afghanistan saying he had proof that Pakistani intelligence (ISI) is helping the Taliban. This new attempted coup adds credence to this report because it involved air force officers. Over 40 people, both inside and outside the military, were arrested.

The plot was foiled when a mobile phone used to activate a rocket aimed at the Musharraf's residence was traced to an air force officer.

The amount of bobbleheaded islamomaniacs that have penetrated Pakistan's sensitive military areas is frightening and it seems to be just a matter of time before they succeed in gaining control over that nation's nuclear arsenal. When that happens we have, as they say, a whole new ball game and one which we will have a hard time winning.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Honest Harry Caught Cheating, Again And Again

Democrat senator Harry Reid announced Monday he is amending his ethics reports to correct where he deliberately failed to account for a land deal that allowed him to collect $1.1 million for property he hadn't personally owned for three years.

It must be nice to be able to just change reports once you're caught lying on them. Politicians on both sides just make rules to cover their butts rather than hold themselves accountable. They are the most reprehensible animals on the planet and Harry is one of the most vile among them. Read this at the New York Post.

Of course Reid is blaming Republicans for his own lack of integrity being exposed
and says he is amending the report because, "I believe in ensuring all facts come to light." Sure, Harry, you're just a political paragon of virtue. Read the hypocrites full statement here and wear hip boots.

And if Harry is so honest and truthful, why has he been using campaign donations instead of his personal money to pay Christmas bonuses for the support staff at the Ritz-Carlton where he lives. Federal election law bars candidates from converting political donations for personal use. And why is he only now personally reimbursing his campaign for $3,300 in donations he had directed to the staff holiday fund at his residence.

This guy is as crooked as they come. Let's not forget he accepted
free ringside tickets from the Nevada Athletic Commission to three professional boxing matches while that state agency was trying to influence him on federal regulation of boxing. Read more here and here. Then he claimed he "misstated" (read lied) the ethics rules about accepting gratuities.

And this is the guy who had the nerve to say he would
support a filibuster of the nomination of Judge Alito and broke the unwritten rule about not criticizing the president when he is overseas.

Hypocrite Harry is a fitting symbol for the rabid donks. Bray away Harry!

If you want more info on Reid's corruption and lack of ethics check these out:

Las Vegas Review-Journal

The Washington Times

Las Vegas Review-Journal

Monday, October 16, 2006

Cartoon Rage Over The Olympics

Good grief! The Olympics in 2012 are going to coincide with Ramadan. Well, stop the whole world and let's rearrange everything the way some Muslims want it. Can we expect to see the crazed crowds cavorting in the streets again?

Massoud Shadjareh, chairman of the London-based Islamic Human Rights Commission, said: "They would not have organized this at Christmas. It is equally stupid to organize it at Ramadan.

"It shows a complete lack of awareness and sensitivity.

Get over yourself, Massoud, you can't hardly say the word Christmas anymore. Do you think anyone gives a rats butt if something is scheduled during it? How about Christians who fast during Lent, shall we make a special case for them also? How about Jewish observance of Shabbat? Shall we stop everything from sundown Friday night until nightfall Saturday?

You, Massoud, are the clueless one. Your expectation that the rest of the world put itself on hold for something they don't even believe in is why we have this culture clash.

More at the Daily Mail.

Iran Unimpressed

FOXNews says that Iran's president has no reservations about pursuing its nuclear program despite U.N. sanctions imposed on North Korea. Is anyone shocked? Is this really news? Has the impotent, scandal ridden, corrupt organization ever intimidated one of these psychotic despots with its sanctions?

All of this blustering diplomacy at the East River in NYC may make the kumbaya crowd feel good about themselves, but it does absolutely nothing to alter the murderous machinations of Ding Dong Jong-il or madman Mahmoud. Clearly, "dear leader" needs to become "dead leader" and the Iranian monkey man Mahmoud needs to be put back in his cage. Diplomacy, as it is wistfully called at the UN is a dead end for us and I do mean dead.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Close Down North Korea

Here's a tidbit from the Denver Post showing another reason North Korea needs to be closed for business.

Ding Dong Jong-il has been peddling missiles, conventional arms and nuke technology worldwide, but mostly to Africa nd the Middle East. His customer list is a who's who of places you do not want to see bristling with weaponry of any kind.

Some of his known clients are Iran and Syria, but also there are reports of sales to Egypt, Pakistan, Libya, the United Arab Emirates and Yemen. Add these suspects to the list, Angola, Burma, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Iraq, Rwanda, Sudan, Uganda, Vietnam, Zaire and Zimbabwe and you have the makings of enough conflict to keep the world at war for the next hundred years.

It's time to close the North Korean market and retire the owner.

Fixing Arizona

The following is a CNN transcript from the Lou Dobbs show regarding four propositions in Arizona to be voted on in the upcoming election. They are supported by the vast majority of Arizona voters and should pass easily. However, Governor Janet Napolitano and the other subversives in the state will do their best to undermine the will of the people. Janet needs to join Jim Kolbe in retirement and thereby help improve the state.

We begin with Casey Wian in Los Angeles -- Casey.

CASEY WIAN, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Kitty, two years ago, Arizona voters overwhelmingly passed Proposition 200, an effort to stop illegal aliens from voting and from collecting some state welfare benefits. Now the state is planning to go even further.



WIAN (voice-over): Activists for illegal aliens are going door to door in Arizona to encourage residents to vote against four ballot measures that will further crack down on illegal aliens in the state.

HEATHER JENKINS, CAMPAIGN FOR COMMUNITY CHANGE: As a community, Arizona must restore humanity and dignity to the immigration debate. These propositions go way too far. They won't stop the people coming here.

WIAN: Proposition 300 would extend and expand an existing law preventing illegal aliens from receiving state welfare benefits; 103 would make English the official language of Arizona; 102 would stop illegal aliens from receiving punitive damages in civil lawsuits. And 100 would prevent illegal aliens accused of serious felonies from receiving bail.

ANDREW THOMAS, MARICOPA COUNTY, ARIZONA, ATTORNEY: Well, Arizona has a tremendous problem with illegal immigrants coming into the state, committing serious crimes, and then absconding, and not facing trial for their crimes, either because they jump bail after they are let out, or because, when they are let out on bail, the federal government deports them.

WIAN: Polls show the welfare measure is the closest call, and it's ahead by a 15-point margin. More than three-quarters of Arizona voters say they favor the no-bail measure. And about two-thirds support English as the state's official language and denying illegal aliens punitive damages.

Opponents argue, the measures are anti-immigrant, when, in fact, they only target illegal aliens.

RAMON GARCIA, CAMPAIGN FOR COMMUNITY CHANGE: Politicians and political consultants are fanning fear, distrust, resentment, and anger. The four anti-immigrant ballot measures in this November election are perfect examples of this.

WIAN: Two of the measures were previously passed by the Arizona State legislature, but later vetoed by Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano.


WIAN: Now, so far, this year, more than 500 bills have been introduced in state legislatures nationwide to crack down on illegal immigration, yet another example of the federal government's failure to do that job -- Kitty.

PILGRIM: Thanks very much, Casey Wian.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

But I Don't Care

If you want to read something that will show you how low things have sunk in San Francisco then keep reading.

It seems, according to SFGATE that Pete Wilson, the anchor of ABC's local evening news and host of a radio show, is under attack from the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender communities for expressing his opinion on his own show.

He dared to criticize the gay Supervisor of District 8, Bevan Dufty. Dufty along with his lesbian roommate, Rebecca Goldfadder, a nurse at the Menlo Clinic, decided to coparent a baby.Although they obviously have no committed relationship to each other they opted to experiment on an innocent life anyway. Of course, SFist twists the meaning of committment to put a positive spin on this travesty (you see, they're committed to a relationship where they see other people, but will rely on each other to raise the baby???). It even makes light of it by comparing it to a sitcom. Those who would find such experimentation amusing are more degenerate than those engaging in it.

As Wilson said on his broadcast, "At some point there is a limit to how far we stretch the self-indulgent search for the alternative that we have been involved in the last 30 or 40 years in this country."

Wilson summed it up best during the same show by saying, "I know it's going to get me in trouble in terms of political correctness, but I don't care"

Nor should the rest of us, Pete, it's time we were more vocal and outspoken about the disgusting, it's all about me, in your face behavior of the Bevan's and Rebecca's of our world. They have no right to expect us to all smile approvingly and condone that which we find reprehensible and immoral. Stop demanding apologies and get over it.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Leftwing Lying Liars

Just a month ago Air Head American Radio denied it was going to file for bankruptcy. Well, guess what ? They lied. The looney liberals lied. The network of Al Franken, Jerry Springer and Randi Rhodes lied! Falsehoods by Franken, spurious Springer and Tokyo Rhodes.

It couldn't happen to a better bunch of lying, lowlife liars. The lying network will stay on the air while it tries to screw its creditors with even more lies.

Jackass Murtha Braying Again

From CNS News comes a quote from the "erudite" John Murtha to the leftwing "think tank" and repository of liberal intellectualism, MoveOn.org.

"Screw them," Rep. John Murtha said of Republicans in an email sent to the liberal political group MoveOn.org on Wednesday. The Pennsylvania Democrat, who is urging a U.S. military withdrawal from Iraq, added that he needs its members' help to throw GOP congressmen "out of power -- as many of them as possible."

"A year ago when I presented my plan for Iraq, I did it to provide leadership and protect our troops," Murtha stated in his email. "The Republicans have spent their time name-calling while the situation for our troops in Iraq gets worse. They've tried to smear me, other veterans, Democrats, you and anybody who stands up to them.

"Well, let me say one thing right now: screw them," the 16-term congressman declared. "Those gravestones at Arlington cemetery don't say Democrat or Republican on them. We are all patriots."

If we're all patriots, Jackass, why are you stooping to the kind of rhetoric you condemn others for?

North Korea Threatens US

The latest word from NewsMax is that the United States and Japan have reached agreement with Russia and China on sanctions for North Korea.

Diplomatic sources have told NewsMax that economic, not military, sanctions will be sent to the full council.

China insisted Thursday on more "negotiating" time with North Korea before the council considers harsher military actions.

A vote is expected on Saturday.

However, WorldNetDaily says a high-ranking North Korean official who is called the unofficial spokesman for Kim Jong-il issued a not-so-veiled threat to the United States today in an interview with South Korean radio. "Everything will be settled in a week," said Kim Myong-chol on KBS Radio. "That is, whether we, Korean people, will remain as we are now, or lose, or New York will lose, or Washington, D.C., will lose, it will all be settled once and for all."

If the North Koreans launch something at us, without hesitation we should decimate the place and send "Dear Leader" to hell on the express train. Then we can give our undivided attention to Iran.

Thursday, October 12, 2006


Is the Secretary of State condoning gay marriage?

USA Today says that at a State Department ceremony this week, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice warmly acknowledged the family members of Mark Dybul, whom she was swearing in as the nation's new global AIDS coordinator.
As first lady Laura Bush looked on, Rice singled out his partner, Jason Claire, and Claire's mother. Rice referred to her as Dybul's "mother-in-law."

Mother-in-law? What kind of pc nonsense is this? Is the GOP's support of the institution of marriage the same lip service as its enthusiasm for border security and American sovereignty. It would seem so.

It is sad that there is almost no one in our government with an ounce of integrity.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Trouble In Tijuana

The police force of Tijuana Mexico is going to be investigated for drug trafficking and organized crime. According to the mayor, Jorge Hank Rhon, everyone from the cop on the beat to the state superintendent will be investigated. He believes that the majority of officers in his city are, in some way, involved in illegal drug trafficking or organized crime.

OK, if the entire Tijuana police force of 2,300 plus individuals is under investigation isn't that even more of a reason we need a fence and a secure border? Why are our officials stalling? Are they waiting for, someone to blow up San Diego or Los Angeles ?

Thanks to BBC News.

Off The Rack

And now for something completely different!

From the NZ Herald comes word that China has warned its citizens against using the rack to lengthen their legs after several such operations resulted in disfigurement. The operation involves breaking the patient's legs and then stretching them on a rack.

I always thought the rack was an instrument of torture, not a surgical device. However, there is a vertically challenged dictator just across the border in North Korea who could benefit greatly from this procedure.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Kennedys Had Camelot, The Clintons Have Oz

Hell's Belle

By way of
Insight, comes word that the harridan known as Hillary may be conjuring up a different spell. It seems the Wicked Witch of the East Coast is seriously thinking about not running for the grand high exalted ruler of the nation but will content herself with being Senate majority leader if the donk coven should recapture Congress. She could then lead them in impeachment hearings against the president. I can hear her cackling right now at the thought of it. In fact, I can see her donkey men taking flight, all except Teddy who is too fat to get airborne and is probably competing with Bubba to be the first to molest Dorothy.

Time To Toast In A Whole New Way

Did North Korea explode a nuclear device or not? What is the nature of the second blast that was detected? Is North Korea threatening to fire a nuclear tipped missile?

Speculation seems to be running rampant on the news, but the facts are still unknown. The dictator doughboy has gotten his wish, it's all about him. He is like the fly that buzzes around your head until you can't stand it anymore and you finally go get the swatter. The time has come for picking up the flyswatter, but has the world the will to use it?

Let's toast psycho boy!

Monday, October 09, 2006

The North Korean Breakthrough

North Korea and Iran have been brought to us by, Jimmy Carter, the most failed attempt at leadership and possibly the worst presidency this country has yet to suffer through. In 1994 he brokered a terrible deal that virtually led to the crisis we face today on the Korean Peninsula. Add to that his helping the Ayatollah to overturn the Shah of Iran, his bungling of the hostage crisis and finally his seal of approval on the corrupt election of Hugo Chavez and you pretty much have enough evidence to convict Carter as the most miserable failure of the American presidency.

Those, mind you, are only the highlights. He has danced with every hostile anti-American at the dictators' ball and his disparaging remarks about this country and its elected leadership are quoted with glee by the leftwing press.

So today, as you ponder the new power of the psycho boy leader of North Korea to reach our shores with nuclear weapons, remember, this is the legacy of Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton who allowed him to negotiate for us. Jimmy Carter makes Neville Chamberlain look like Teddy Roosevelt, but this is who Bill "I'm Was Tough On Terrorism" Clinton picked.

Well, Bill and Jimmy, the chickens have now come home to roost.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Taliban In Pakistan

I found an interesting piece in the Times On Line.

The British general over NATO troops in Afghanistan, Lieutenant-General David Richards, says he has proof that Pakistani intelligence (ISI) is helping the Taliban and that he can personally deliver evidence of it to President Musharraf.

The evidence which consists of data compiled by American, Nato and Afghan intelligence includes satellite pictures and videos of training camps for Taliban soldiers and suicide bombers inside Pakistan. Captured Taliban fighters have confirmed that they were trained by the ISI. The information includes an address in Quetta where Mullah Omar, the Taliban leader, is said to live.

A senior US commander added: “We just can’t ignore it any more. Musharraf’s got to prove which side he is on.”

Hamid Karzai, the president of Afghanistan, has repeatedly complained of Pakistan’s role in providing a haven for Taliban fighters, saying they have openly run camps in Karachi and Quetta. “There is an open campaign by Pakistan against Afghanistan and the presence of coalition troops here,” he said.

In Washington two weeks ago Karzai handed Pakistan the names and addresses of alleged handlers of suicide bombers using a camp near Peshawar that had been infiltrated by an Afghan informer. Last Wednesday a rubbish bag was discovered in the camp containing his body.

Pakistan is a worrisome ally and I have never felt Musharraf's heart was really in this war on terror. He is playing a dangerous game that in the end he is bound to lose.

Idiots Idolizing Murderers

Al-Qaida is growing in popularity in the Gaza Strip. According to Ynet, the terrorist Zarqawi is being honored by having his picture posted on walls and other mementos have been erected in his honor. The topper (pardon the pun) is that the youth of the West Bank and Gaza have begun wearing his style of head rag to honor him. This is like the idiots who think wearing Che Guevara t-shirts makes them cool. Why not grow a mustache like Hitler and wear an I love the BTK serial killer button while you're at it?

Hopefully, all those who worship this dead killer will quickly come to the same end he did.

Where Have You Heard This Before?

Almost a year ago, I posted this in response to the president's weekly radio address. As you can see, little has changed. The border is no more secure and the invaders keep coming.

Or Get Off The Pot!

“I’ll work with members of Congress to create a program that will provide for our economy’s labor needs without harming American workers and without granting amnesty, and that will relieve pressure on our borders,”.

That is from the president's recent weekly radio address. How long have we been hearing this?

Notice, that the first part of his statement is not enforcing our laws (something I thought was part of the chief executive's job), not securing our borders (ditto), but providing for our labor needs. Let's talk about these needs. No one has proven that we need an illegal work force to keep the economy moving. Back when there were no child labor laws there were chicken little economists who saw factories collapsing if kids were removed from the assembly lines. The laws passed and the factories fared just fine.

In addition, we still have an able bodied unemployed pool of workers. If they refuse to work available jobs, then they need to be removed from the welfare roles. It is way past time that we stop rewarding people for indolence

It is the politician's game to assume an unproven premise and then extrapolate from it. There is no given that our economy will crumble if we do not feed the illegal beast.

Then, we have the little disclaimer, "without harming the American worker." The American worker is harmed daily by this illegal invasion of our country. Who, but the American worker, is paying for the law enforcement, medical, educational and legal costs? Who, but the American worker, is suffering crimes against their person and their property? If you are so concerned about the American worker then do what the majority of them want you to do, enforce our laws.

The time for speeches and political propaganda is over. As politely as I can rephrase an old saying, Mr. President, it is time to defecate or abdicate.

(original posting Wednesday, October, 26th 2005)

Bush Plugs Amnesty At Fiesta

From NewsMax comes word that El Presidente Jorge Bush is still plugging his illegal alien love fest. At a White House celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month he took the time to nag Congress about his amnesty plans for those who have broken our laws. Jorge likes to call them guest workers.

"We must understand that you can't kick 12 million people out of your country - that we must figure out a way to say to those that if you're lawful and if you've contributed to the United States of America, there is a way for you to eventually earn citizenship," Bush said. How can you be lawful if the first thing you did was break our laws by entering illegally?

He doesn't seem to understand that the only reason we have 12 million here is his failure and the failure of previous presidents and our Congress to do their jobs. They want us to believe that somehow this crisis just happened.

"Nobody in our land wants to grant automatic amnesty. But everybody in our land understands these people must be treated with respect and dignity," he continued.

If I find an intruder in my home, I do not treat him with respect and dignity, I throw him the hell out. It can be done if you have a backbone and care about your home. This president's total lack of concern for our border security is appalling.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

More Betrayal

So, Congress wants us to think we're going to get the fence that is needed on our southern border. As usual, the charlatans in Washington have other plans. While touting the fact that they authorized construction of a 700-mile fence on the U.S.-Mexico border, they also made sure that it will, in fact, not happen or at least not as advertised. Shortly before recessing late Friday, (they always do their dirty work as surreptitously as possible) the House and Senate gave the Bush administration great leeway as to how he can distribute the $1.2 billion approved. It can be spent on roads, technology and "tactical infrastructure" to support the Department of Homeland Security's preferred option of a "virtual fence."

What this means is there will be no 700 mile fence as the public is led to believe. We will once again have money spent on cameras and sensors that don't work or no one responds to and the illegals, criminals, smugglers and terrorists can violate us at will. Obviously, this is what our elected officials desire and unless we begin weeding them out starting this election, we deserve what will undoubtedly happen to us.

More at the Washington Post.

TrackBacks: Michelle Malkin: The fake fence fiasco

Time Is Running Out

From the
Times On Line comes the warning that seizures of smuggled radioactive material have doubled in the last four years. This is the stuff that "dirty bombs" are made from. Most of the incidents seem to have occurred in Europe, but I'm not sure if that means most of the activity is happening there or they're just doing a better job of intercepting.

Al-Qaeda has long made known its desire to make a dirty bomb and some of its captured leaders have confessed to the CIA that attempts have been made to smuggle such a device into the US.
Meanwhile, the idiots in Washington continue with their usual "What Me Worry?" attitude of how to secure our borders and ports.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Kyl Over Pederson

This is a Red November Initiative Post!

What follows is the transcript of the Lou Dobbs interview with Senator Jon Kyl of Arizona. The Democrat challenger Jim Pederson, like Gabrielle Giffords was too afraid to talk about the immigration issue. This choice in this race, without a doubt, is Jon Kyl.

DOBBS: Border security is a top issue in this hotly contested U.S. Senate race in midterm congressional races, but particularly so in Arizona.
In Arizona, incumbent Republican Senator Jon Kyl against his Democratic opponent Jim Pederson. Senator Kyl is the chairman of the Republican Policy Committee. The powerful Republican senator fought aggressively for passage of a 700-mile border fence. He co-wrote legislation outlawing mortar tunnels. His opponent is labeling him, however, soft on border security. Senator Kyl joins us tonight from Phoenix, Arizona. Senator, good to have you with us.

SEN. JON KYL (R), ARIZONA: Thank evening, Lou. Thank you.

DOBBS: I want to be very clear with everyone. We invited your opponent, Mr. Pederson to join us here. He declined, and we regret that. I'm sure that the folks in Arizona watching this broadcast -- we all regret it.
You are right now being accused by Mr. Pederson of being soft on border security. He says that you talk tough, but not getting anything done. How do you respond?

KYL: Well, I think you know better, Lou. First of all, as you said, I did fight for this border fence, both on the bill that just passed, as well as a previous bill that we had. I fought hard for the funding to make sure that we can build the fence as well as all of these vehicle barriers and the other things we need to prevent illegal entry into the country.
As you know, I chair the Terrorism and Homeland Security Subcommittee where we've held numerous hearings on the issue, some of which have resulted in legislation, such as the making it illegal to build a tunnel under the border. Believe it or not, that hadn't been illegal before, so now that's going to be a crime. As a matter of fact, in just my first term in the Senate, I sponsored the legislation that doubled the number of Border Patrol agents at that time. And of course, we've been working ever since then to get more agents on the border.

DOBBS: Senator, your colleague and friend, however, Senator John Cornyn of Texas saying, you know, we funded it, we passed that border fence, but he doesn't think anything much will be done with it. He was certainly downplaying its effectiveness. He was downplaying its importance, which is kind of surprising to some folks.
But with all the consternation in the Republican Senate, all that's going on in this country, almost anything could happen. How do you feel? Is it going to be effective? Is it going to get done? And is the Republican Party willing to overrun its president and say we're going to get this done first and foremost?

KYL: Well, I think you've seen by the fact that the House and Senate passed the legislation -- and there were a lot of people on the Democratic side who were up for election this year that voted for it -- I think they know where the American people stand. The president signed the legislation, and proof of the fact that we're actually going to get it done is the president signed today here in Arizona the bill that begins the funding for it.
Now, that's funding for just one year of activity, but we're going to get a great start on that this year. And I talked to Secretary Chertoff just four or five days ago who said that he believes he can build the first 371 miles of the fence within a three- year period of time. So and I think Congress will appropriate the money for that, no question.

DOBBS: All right. And will the Republican leadership, particularly in the Senate, tell the president and everybody who wants to talk about comprehensive immigration reform, i.e. amnesty, to stick it until we do secure our borders and ports?

KYL: We might use different terminology than that, but the bottom line is, I think the message has gotten through pretty loud and clear that we're going to start with border security, and that starts with building more fencing. That's what we've accomplished this year, and again, that's in response to what the people wanted. And I think that counts for a lot.

DOBBS: The people also want -- they want to see I think in this country, it's pretty clear, they want to see this middle class, who's under outright assault by public policies, whether it be free trade, whether it be manufacturing policies and taxation policies. Is this Congress, in your judgment, with this administration, has it got anything to brag about in terms of jobs for working Americans?
We've seen wages actually decline over the last six years. We're watching a ruling out of the Bush administration with three of its representatives on the Labor Relations Board working against the interests of millions of workers, in point of fact. How are you going to approach that issue in your campaign there in Arizona?

KYL: First of all, according to the Treasury Department, wages have increased in the last six years. And when you add into that benefits, the increase is the largest in many, many years. And I think you do need to add benefits like health insurance when you're talking about the compensation for our middle classes, as you put it.
Here is an important thing, Lou. You know that the tax rate relief that the Bush administration proposed and Congress adopted has done a lot to not only stimulate economic growth and job creation, but it's been good for families. And here's the proof. If people like my Democratic opponent prevailed and those tax increases fell off the table, we didn't extend them, the average American family, average income, two kids, two parents would see their tax bill increase by 58 percent.

DOBBS: And we're going to have to leave it there because we're out of time. I would like to debate with you about wages and that Treasury Department report compared to the Census Bureau data, as well as...

KYL: We'll get together again.

DOBBS: ... the Commerce Department. We thank you for being here.

KYL: You bet.

DOBBS: We regret that your opponent couldn't join us. I hope for the sake of the citizens of Arizona that he joins you in a strong debate there in the state of Arizona. Thanks for being here, Senator Kyl.

KYL: You bet.

DOBBS: A reminder now to vote on our poll. Is border and port security a priority in your decision as to whom you will vote for in the midterm elections? Yes or no? Please cast your votes at LouDobbs.com. We're very much interested in your response to this question, and we'll have the results coming here in just a few moments. Just ahead, the Foley scandal has sent shock waves through the GOP. We'll be talking with our political analysts about how this will affect who wins the Congress in November and a great deal more. Please stay with us.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Graf Talks to Dobbs, Giffords Declines

This is a Red November Initiative Post!

Here is the transcript from the Lou Dobbs interview with Randy Graf. Gabrielle Giffords was invited, but she declined. As Lou asked, is that because she's got a 12 point lead in the polls? is she worried that the voters might learn how looney toon liberal she really is if she opens her mouth?

DOBBS: This nation's worsening illegal immigration crisis has become a number one issue around the country in many of next month's midterm elections. One of the nation's most closely watched races will be in Arizona's eighth district, where Republican candidate Randy Graf faces Democrat Gabrielle Giffords. Graf won a bitter Republican primary on a strict border security platform, beating the favored candidate of the National Republican Party and the person anointed by retiring Congressman Jim Kolbe. Graf is running tonight with support, little support from the GOP leadership.
Randy Graf joins us tonight from Tucson. Good to have you with us. I want to make it very clear, we invited your opponent, Gabrielle Giffords to join us here for a discuss. She declined. Is that because she's up -- let's take a look at the most recent poll. The "Arizona Star" newspaper showing your opponent with a 12-point lead. Could we show that poll? There we go. Randy Graf, what do you say?

REP. RANDY GRAF, ARIZONA CONGRESSIONAL CANDIDATE: Well, to this point in time, yes, she has not wanted to come out and debate. I think she's agreed to about six public appearances where we'll be side by side and we'll have a tremendous opportunity to highlight our differences at that point in time.

DOBBS: Well let me ask you this, on immigration and border security, one of the things we're asking every candidate with whom we talk here, as we move toward election day, is you are obviously -- we want to know, we want our viewers to know, we want voters to understand where people are. You're absolutely for border security and absolutely against so-called comprehensive immigration reform or amnesty?

GRAF: Absolutely. Our primary message when we ran two years ago for this seat in a primary and throughout this election cycle is that we need to stop illegal immigration first. And the voters agree with that and I'm looking forward to making sure that people understand my opponent in this race has accepted the Ted Kennedy train of thought on immigration reform, which is keeping open borders and providing amnesty and path to citizenship.

DOBBS: Well, I think we should give full credit here, Randy Graf, I mean that's not only Ted Kennedy's idea. That's senator John McCain's idea. That's senator Reid's idea. That's George W. Bush's idea. There's quite an alliance there, isn't there?

GRAF: Well, there is. And I think we've talked about this for two and a half years now, that it's not a partisan issue. The impacts on our local schools and our hospitals, our criminal justice system, 25 million pounds of trash in our Arizona desert, over 200 people a year dying in our desert here in Arizona. There's lots of reasons why we need to stop illegal immigration. After that's done, then we can certainly talk about all the other reforms that need to take place in our immigration system.

DOBBS: Well let's talk about another issue that's going to be critically important should you be elected to Congress and that is our middle class. As you know, in this broadcast, we focus on the -- on what has become a war on the middle class, the plight of working men and women in this country. What are you going to do as a Congressman to assure that working men and women get a better break in this country, that middle class families and those who aspire to be part of our middle class, have that opportunity to succeed?

GRAF: Well, Lou, you've done a very good job explaining a lot of the issues before us that we have to address. I'm certainly going to take a little different approach than the Congressman that is stepping down from the seat after 22 years, where I believe we do have to try to protect the middle class. We are importing cheap labor. We're exporting jobs overseas. And the middle class, as we've known traditionally for the last 40, 50 years, is quickly disintegrating. And I'm going to take a little different approach. Trade is fine, but at the same time, we don't need immigration reform or immigration issues and measures in these trade agreements. And I think we need to protect some of our manufacturing.

DOBBS: Randy Graf, we thank you for being here, Republican candidate for Congress in the eighth district of Arizona. Thank you.

Aired October 2, 2006

Al-Masri Not Dead Yet

Unfortunately it looks like Abu Ayyub al-Masri is not among those killed in a recent raid on an al-Qaida cell in Iraq. Ynet says the US military denied reports it had killed the leader and Iraqi officials said they were awaiting the results of DNA tests on several suspects killed in a raid.

US military spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Barry Johnson said, "We thought he may have been among those killed but now we do not believe this was the case. We do not believe that we have killed al-Masri, but we are still doing DNA tests."

An aide to Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, said DNA tests were still being conducted on the bodies. The tests suggested one of the dead was an al Qaeda leader but not Masri, he told Reuters.

Earlier this month, Iraq's National Security Adviser Mowaffak al-Rubaie said Masri's "days are numbered"."I tell the Iraqi people that we will get you Abu Ayyub al-Masri either as a corpse or tied up to face justice soon," he told reporters.

I hope he's right.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Hamas And Fatah

According to Ynet, Hamas is preparing for an armed confrontation with Fatah in the West Bank. If President Mahmoud Abbas disbands the Hamas-led government and calls for new elections in the Palestinian Authority, Hamas says it will plunge the Palestinian territories into total chaos.

Rearmament is being overseen from Damascus by Hamas leader Khaled Mashal who believes the group should be prepared for "the moment of truth" should President Mahmoud Abbas dare to dissolve parliament and declare new elections.

Violent clashes between Hamas and rivals Fatah continued overnight Wednesday in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.

Not only can't they get along with Israel they can't even get along with each other. This is what comes of fostering hate for decades.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

More Bobble Mayhem

From the New York Post comes the story of another Islamomaniac spreading tolerance and peace. Described by police as a Turkish-born Muslim, Adnan Emre was charged yesterday with destroying a Queens memorial to a fallen 9/11 cop while screaming, "This is political!" Are these guys good at screaming and destroying or what?

The bobblehead fanatics are on the loose, civilization beware!

Clinton's Cloudy Memory

I was thinking, when Bubba was waving that finger (who knows where it was last) at Chris Wallace he was trying to give the impression how tough he is on terrorism. He's always trying to invent a legacy that will present him in a positive light.

But, Bill's record with terrorists has always been one that is clouded by politics. If Bill is tough on terrorism then why,when he was president did he grant pardons to 16 Puerto Rican terrorists who had been responsible for bombings that killed and maimed our fellow citizens?

The Clintons have never taken terrorism seriously.

The pardons were given to buy Hillary votes in her run for senator of NY. In fact, former US Attorney Joseph DiGenova stated, "Let me say categorically, the Puerto Rican terrorists were pardoned because they were a political benefit to the president's wife."

The opposition to the pardons came across the spectrum, from Mayor Guiliani to Senator Chuck Schumer. But, that was of no consequence to the Clintons who would canonize Osama himself if that would buy them more power.

The man has no morals and therefore no shame. Despite what the left thinks, character not only matters it is imperative. Having men and women of integrity in office is vital to the life of this nation.

More Bobbleheaded Mischief

There seems to be no end to what Islamomaniacs will resort to in order to demonstrate their desire for peace and tolerance. Now, they've hijacked a Turkish plane carrying 113 people to protest Pope Benedict XVI's upcoming visit to Turkey. The plane landed safely in Italy, thank goodness. One of their demands was that a message be delivered to the pope.

They should be delivered a message on the end of a rope.

Turkish officials said Ekinci was an army deserter seeking political asylum, and added that earlier statements by some officials that he had hijacked the plane to protest the pope's upcoming visit to Turkey were incorrect.

Nevertheless, hijacking innocent passengers for any reason is unacceptable.

Make The Government Do Its Job

Mexico has called on the president to stop the wall. That's right, according to the Houston Chronicle, they asked President Bush Monday to veto the border fence, saying it would endanger lives while doing little to halt illegal immigration.

"The Mexican government strongly opposes the building of walls in the border area between Mexico and the United States," said Ruben Aguilar, spokesman for President Vicente Fox.

But, one voice of reason was heard south of the border. Guillermo Ortiz, governor of the country's central bank, was quoted last week as saying that a longer fence "wouldn't be all bad." He told a Texas newspaper last week that more fences would force Mexico's government to create jobs at home, rather than relying on the demand for laborers in the United States.

What a concept, Mr. Ortiz, requiring your own government to take care of its people. It's not easy to do and we have much the same problem here. That is why, after a devastating terrorist attack five years ago, we still have not secured the border.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Congress Betrays Us Again

I just read in the Wall Street Journal that although Congress passed the Port Security Act last Saturday, an important change was made to it. A House-Senate conference committee showed, once again, how corrupt and totally devoid of integrity and ethics our government has become.
They stripped out a provision, sponsored by Senator Jim DeMint, Republican from SC, that would have banned serious felons from working in security sensitive jobs. Why?

There was pressure from the unions because this could exclude too many of their members. That in itself is frightening, but worse is the fact that our paragons of virtue on the Potomac would succumb to their threats.

Is it any wonder our nation is still vulnerable at her borders and ports this many years after 9/11? There is so little interest in the government to do what is right that we will someday soon suffer the consequences. Now, is the time to run these rats out of office.

No party has the edge in this dirty business. The article names some of the unscrupulous backroom players, including Senator Daniel Inouye, Democrat Hawaii, Senator Ted Stevens, Republican Alaska, Rep. Peter King, Republican NY and Rep. Bennie Thompson, Democrat Mississippi.

Stevens should be gone for many reasons, the "bridge to nowhere" being just one. Also, his pathetic "secret hold" on S.2590.

Once again, the way to voice your disgust with this vermin is with your vote. Cast it wisely for the sake of the nation.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Bush's Border Bears Watching

Thanks to a link from the Birdblog, I was led to this piece at Ultima Thule.

Congressmen who visit the U.S.-Mexico border unannounced are being monitored by the Department of Homeland Security, and at least one U.S. Customs and Border Protection agent has been suspended for speaking to a congressman without first getting supervisory clearance, according to documents obtained by the Daily Bulletin.

What is this administration trying to hide? Please access the links provided to learn more and many thanks to Ultima Thule for shining the light into this dark corner.

Graf, Not Giffords

This is a Red November Initiative Post!

Gabrielle Giffords is the liberal donk candidate for the eighth congressional district in Arizona. It is the district that was represented by RINO Jim Kolbe (no loss there) and also happens to be the one in which I live. It is one of the ten districts in the US that borders Mexico so, obviously, the illegal alien crisis and border security are extremely important to the residents, if not our elected officials.

We have an opportunity this election to pick someone who will actually represent the needs and wishes of the district and the nation. That person is not Gabrielle Giffords.

Minuteman PAC ads have begun exposing the looney left-wing record of Giffords.

She supports the U.S. Senate "Guest Worker" proposal sponsored by Ted Kennedy and John McCain allowing illegal aliens to remain in this country and become citizens (Amnesty or Banana as John McCain likes to call it). Giffords opposed Proposition 200 to stop illegal aliens from receiving non-federally mandated government services such as welfare benefits and non-emergency health care. Giffords also supports allowing illegal aliens to receive food stamps through "anchor babies" born in the United States. She does not support HR 698 denying citizenship at birth to children born in the United States of parents who are not citizens.

She has been endorsed by fellow liberals, former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle and Clinton's former Labor Secretary, Robert Reich. There's a dynamic duo of dumb donk policy making.

Anyway, according to the Minuteman Pac site, lawyers for Gabrielle are attempting to have the Minuteman ads taken off the air. Cox Cable representatives forwarded a letter from a Phoenix lawyer complaining about the commercials and urging them to remove the ads from the airwaves.

As the Minutman representative said, "The truth hurts."

We want to send a strong message to Washington that if they will not protect the lives and property of American citizens and the sovereignty of this great nation, we will replace them with patriots who will. The candidate to vote for in this important election is Randy Graf.