Wednesday, February 28, 2007

No Press For Killer Cabbie?

Try finding any update on the Muslim car thief who, posing as a legitimate taxi driver, attempted to kill two college students with a stolen cab. The last article I saw was in FOXNews, telling us that Ibrahim Ahmed was not an employee because he had been fired last year after a high-speed chase by the Nashville police. The cab Ahmed is reported to have stolen was supposed to be in for repair, but he was using it and pocketing the fares.
Now, if you dig for information you will find that the two victims have testified and according to them, Ahmed's anger was not the result of the discussion of religion, but rather, seems to have sprung up from nowhere. The mad Muslim went on a rant praising Hitler and calling for the eradication of white people.

You can be assured that if some crazed Christian had tried to kill two Muslims while praising the Klan and calling for the eradication of black people it would be headline news. Ahmed, however, gets a free pass. Can you guess why? I think you can. The MSM bares its prejudiced, evil heart once again.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Where Is The Outcry?

In the evacuated Jewish communities of the Gaza Strip, Palestinians have displayed their regard and respect for the religion and culture of others. Immediately after the Israeli occupation, mobs destroyed most of the twenty synagogues the Jews left behind. Two of the temples have now been turned into military bases used by terrorists to fire rockets and stage attacks against Israel.

You hear little about this disgusting behavior of the Palestinian Muslims, yet rest assured any attack on a mosque would have huge headlines courtesy of the terrorist loving MSM.

"We are proud to turn these lands, especially these parts that were for long time the symbol of occupation and injustice, like the synagogue, into a military base and source of fire against the Zionists and the Zionist entity," Abu Abir, spokesman for the Popular Resistance Committees terrorist organization, said. He then blamed the Palestinian desecration of the Gaza synagogues on the Jewish state. You see, the decision to leave the structures intact was part of an Israeli conspiracy. As if it required a devious plot to make the prophet's psychotics act like mad dogs.

As one former Jewish resident said, "In any other part of world this would be unacceptable, but where is the media? Where is the international outcry condemning use of a holy site for terrorism?" It doesn't matter to them, sir. It didn't matter in the 1930's and it doesn't matter to them now. They are an integral part of the world's hate machine.

More at ynet news.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Gulf States Open Air Space?

Now there is information that three Arab states in the Persian Gulf would be willing to allow the Israel Air force to enter their airspace in order to reach Iran. This was a report run in the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Siyasa on Sunday.

The article says that a diplomat from one of the gulf states visiting Washington said Qatar, Oman and the United Arab Emirates, have told the United States that they would not object to Israel using their airspace.

Meanwhile, Seymour Hersh, he of the anonymous source, is once again using the New Yorker to predict the US is planning to bomb Iran.

Dick Cheney has made a surprise visit to Pakistan and the time seems ripe to use military force to stop Iran. If anything is going to be done, it makes sense to do it very soon.

The islamomaniacs seem to be expecting it, threatening all kinds of reprisals against anyone and everyone should it happen.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Taking Of Persia 123

Here's is the latest gem from the Persian psychotic. "The train of the Iranian nation is without brakes and a rear gear. We dismantled the rear gear and brakes of the train and threw them away sometime ago," President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Sunday.

"They don't need a reverse gear. They need a stop button," U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice told Fox News.

Wrong! An accelerating train without brakes or a reverse gear is a runaway and the solution is to derail it at the place along its route where it will do the least damage. We are at that point, but the world authorities lack the courage to carry out the necessary steps. Therefore they will allow this terror train to continue hurtling down the tracks until it finally crashes of its own accord bringing death and destruction to as many innocents as possible.

Hat tip FOXNews and CNN.

Another Weekend Funny

"Madam" President

Feeling right at home in the looney, liberal, la la land of northern California, Hillary Clinton preached to the choir in San Francisco. She plans to be a real "madam" president.

In response to a question from the audience, she called her husband "the most popular person in the world right now'' and said that when she reaches the White House, "I will continue the tradition of using former presidents" as diplomats around the world.

So I guess Bill, the only man to molest more women than the UN, will be the roving ambassador of foreign sexual relations and Jimmy "can't shut me up" Carter can be our senile ambassador at large to mad dictators who love to hate America.

These choices should dovetail nicely with Pelosi's picks for the most ethical congress ever; Jack Murtha, William Jefferson, Silvestre Reyes, John Conyers, James McDermott, Alan Mollohan etc. etc. etc.

Mexico Complains About Border Violations

By way of the BBC NEWS, I found out that we Americans have been condemned by the Mexican Congress. Can you guess why? Border violations by US workers building the wall to protect the US from Mexican border violations.

Hey, the Americans are only doing the work Mexicans won't do. That would be securing the integrity of the border between our two nations. Isn't it amusing how huffy Mexico's politicians get when the shoe is on the other foot?

The US Ambassador to Mexico, Tony Garza, responded with "The US is sensitive to Mexican concerns... [and] has the deepest respect for the integrity of the sovereignty of Mexican soil". He should have added unlike our Mexican neighbors who repeatedly and deliberately violate the sovereignty of these United States.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Will The World Do Nothing, Again?

According to an article in the Daily Telegraph, Israel is negotiating with the United States for permission to fly over Iraq as part of a plan to attack Iran's nuclear facilities.

In the same paper, an article by Con Coughlin outlines Israel's determination to defend herself. A senior advisor to Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is quoted as saying, "After the September 11 attacks, we now live in an age of pre-emption. The Jewish people have not forgotten the last time the world watched and did nothing. We are determined that shall never happen again."

Still Ephraim Sneh, Israel's Deputy Defense Minister, told The Associated Press on Saturday that the report of negotiating for an air corridor over Iraq was incorrect. "This is baseless information," Sneh said. "Maybe people like to divert (attention from) the need for immediate economic sanctions (with) stories about imminent Israeli action, which is not on the agenda."

What is the truth? Israel certainly must be pursuing alternatives and options in case she is left to fend for herself. And, it is a likely scenario that the world leaders will wash their hands like Pilate and do nothing. One can already see many politicians in this nation attempting to distance themselves from any responsibility for Israel's security. The UN is, as usual, an annoying distraction.

I think the real question to be asked is will we open Iraqi air space to Israel. I believe Bush would, but Hillary, Obama or John Edwards? The next presidential election could decide the fate of not just Israel, but America as well. If we wind up with a debacle similar to 2006, heaven help the free world and Western civilization.

Bicycle Bomb Backfires

From CNN comes a story to start the day off with a smile.

Three Islamomaniacs died in Pakistan when a bomb they were transporting by bicycle accidentally exploded. It killed the would be murderer who had strapped it to himself along with his two companions. Police report that all three were students of a local seminary and had links with an outlawed Sunni extremist group. It is believed they were planning to attack a cattle market where hundreds were gathered or the funeral service of a local policeman.

It's a beautiful thing when true justice happens as if by the hand of providence.

Weekend Funny

Friday, February 23, 2007

Lee And Chavez Sittin' In A Tree

From the Houston Chronicle comes word that Texas Representative Sheila Jackson Lee, Democrat, wants the US government to reconsider the ban on selling F-16 fighter parts to Hugo Chavez.

Remember this is the crazed congresswoman who advocated more black sounding names for hurricanes. She felt the current names were too
"lily white". Lee described Venezuela as a friendly nation that the U.S. should cooperate with and said that the F-16 jets, which are built in Texas, was an issue of concern to her constituents in Houston. Those must be the rest of the inmates at the mental institution she seems to have escaped from.

Sheila has a history of bizarre behavior and has been accused of race baiting and employee abuse. It's interesting to see that nothing has changed and that her equally crazed constituents keep enjoying her antics.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Amnesty Around The Corner

Illegals continue to invade our nation, mocking our laws, destroying property and committing crimes from trespassing to murder. What is our government doing about it? Led by the drunk drivers' patron saint, Teddy Kennedy, they are putting together the amnesty plan to reward all those who have chosen to defiantly spit on the rights and laws of this nation.

Perhaps as soon as next week, the bill will hit the Judiciary Committee and may go to the Senate floor in April. The final battle for the Republic is at hand.

See The Washington Times.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Edwards Names Threat To World Peace

Both Drudge and Savage picked up on this little piece in Variety about John Edwards. Here's the relevant quote, "John Edwards was cruising along, detailing his litany of liberal causes last week until, during question time, he invoked the "I" word -- Israel. Perhaps the greatest short-term threat to world peace, Edwards remarked, was the possibility that Israel would bomb Iran's nuclear facilities. As a chill descended on the gathering, the Edwards event was brought to a polite close."

Well, isn't that interesting. It's the Jews who are at fault says the smiling Senator from the south. I would love to hear his solution to the problem. He must belong to the same "social club" as Jimmy Carter and Robert Byrd.

Let's see, Edwards hired and then unhired Amanda Marcotte because of complaints of profanity and anti-Catholic insults. Now, he's claiming Israel, not Iran or North Korea, is the threat to world peace. Edward's choices certainly deserve more scrutiny than the MSM is giving them.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Fox Gives Facts About Crazed Cab Driver

Fox News has the story and leads with "Muslim Cabbie Charged With Running Over College Students After Religion Argument".

Ibrahim Ahmed, from Somalia, has been charged with assault and attempted homicide after he tried to run over two customers because of a disagreement about religion. He is also being charged with theft because the license plate on his cab was listed as stolen.

According to police, Ahmed has been convicted of misdemeanors including evading arrest in a motor vehicle and driving on a suspended license. (Nashville)

Here's another fine example of what the government is allowing into the country. Well, at least the media may be getting the idea we want to be informed when the followers of the religion of peace and tolerance are trying out new conversion techniques.

Monday, February 19, 2007

The Steel Sieve Of Security

Have you heard about FAST, the Fast and Secure Trade program described by the US Customs and Border Protection of the Department of Homeland Security as ensuring free and secure trade between the US and Canada and Mexico. Fast it may be, secure I'm not so sure.

Here's a little piece of news about a Mexican national approved to participate in this program. He aroused suspicion at the border in Nogales, Arizona and when his truck was searched, guess what. Hidden among his tomatoes was four and a half million dollars worth of marijuana.

What a program. Not that it matters, with the steel sieve of security imposed by this administration and illegal loving liberals in Congress I'm sure there's plenty of contraband and a good number of felons making it to their American destinations. Some will be coming to a city near you soon.

The best part is Mexican truckers have the nerve to make a stink because they don't like waiting. Read this. Maybe they should complain to their amigo with the four and a half million dollars of weed.

To Tell The Truth

Isn't this interesting? In 1997, Ali Abu Kamal a Palestinian visiting from Gaza went on a shooting spree on the observation deck at the top of the Empire State Building in New York City. He killed one person and wounded several others before taking his own life.

The killer's widow claimed her husband was not politically motivated. His son-in-law said Kamal was despondent after losing his life savings. And his daughter, said that he was unable to return home after losing his money.

Now, the truth is told. The New York Daily News writes that Kamal's daughter now says her father wanted to punish the U.S. for supporting Israel. She says her mother's original account was a lie fashioned by the Palestinian Authority. What were the odds that prestigious organization would stoop to falsehoods?

"A Palestinian Authority official advised us to say the attack was not for political reasons because that would harm the peace agreement with Israel," she told The News on Friday. "We didn't know that he was martyred for patriotic motivations, so we repeated what we were told to do."

So, this becomes one more act of terrorism condoned by the Middle East madmen and treated lightly by the US press.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Desert News Salt Lake Shuffle

Salt Lake's Desert News has singled out a few web sites for stating that the Salt Lake City killer was a Muslim. They are upset, it seems, by the "barrage of vitriolic e-mails" they received from people angry at the paper for not mentioning the murderer's religion and/or certain that the killer was a terrorist. Well, I thought journalism involved reporting the facts. Fact, the killer was a Muslim. Fact, he did terrorize the mall, just ask anyone who was there and is alive to talk about it. Are these two facts related or mere coincidence? We don't know yet, but they are still facts and need to be reported.

Little green footballs makes short work of his dead from the neck up critics. Also mentioned in the Desert news snit are Michael Savage and Jihad Watch.

Maybe the Desert News should follow up on this interview with the killer's father.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Friday, February 16, 2007

More Of The Same

Following the usual sage advice of their crazy clerics, parents in nothern Pakistan are shunning polio vaccinations for their children. By way of mosque loudspeakers, radio and just plain old rumor mongering the prophet's psychotics are calling the vaccine an American plot to sterilize Muslim children. Similar stupidity kept polio alive, well and spreading in Kenya a few years back. Check out the story at The Sydney Morning Herald.

In other news, Muslim students and activists in Egypt are trying to get Saint Valentine's Day renamed "The Prophet Mohammed's Day". The students say they want to turn the consumerism of Valentines Day into a broader vision of love for humankind. I wonder if that includes loving Jews, Christians and Hindus and respecting them as equals?

Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Trial Of Spanish Justice

Here's the ridiculous news about the terrorist trials about to begin in Spain. It's been nearly three years since the bombings in Madrid that killed 191 and wounded 1,800. That fact alone indicates justice delayed and denied.

There is no death penalty in Spain so convicted mass murderers know they will never suffer the sentence they meted out indiscriminately to others. And, the prosecutors in this case have pointed out that even if the defendants are convicted on all charges, they will serve no more than 40 years jail time. This is not justice, it is an afront and insult to those murdered and maimed by savages. The rights of the innocent continue to be violated in order to cater to the sensitivities of the evil. Justice is not blind, she is comatose.

More at CNN.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

American Terrorist Returned To US

The FBI has taken an American citizen, Daniel Maldonado, into custody. He is being charged with receiving terrorist training by Al-Qaeda in Somalia and with conspiring to use an explosive device.

Maldonado, also known as Daniel Aljughaifi, was captured by the Kenyan military and turned over to US law enforcement. When apprehended, he was fleeing the Ethiopian and Somali government forces battling the islamomaniacs of Al-Qaeda and the Islamic Courts Union in Somalia.

He faces life imprisonment if convicted on the bomb-making charge. The penalty should be death, just as he planned for others.

More at FOXNews.

Another Isolated Incident?

What's going on? Earlier this month, I wrote about the Palestinian immigrant in St. Louis who was apprehended for trying to buy explosives and now, we have a Bosnian immigrant killed while carrying out mass homicide at a Utah mall.

What kind of screening are we doing if these are the kind of immigrants we're allowing in and worse yet, what about those who don't even get screened because the government refuses to do its job?

This latest candidate for Most Violent Immigrant of the Year, is gunman, Sulejman Talovic, an 18-year-old Bosnian, who according to Salt Lake City Police Chief Chris Burbank, "was well-prepared." Sulejman was armed with two guns and had a backpack filled with ammunition.

It will be interesting to hear the spin by law enforcement, government officials and the media as they trip all over themselves trying to portray this event as an isolated act of violence by a deranged individual. It may be, but one must wonder about patterns and recurring themes and speculate as to why the spinmeisters protest so much.

More at

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Al-Qaeda In Japan?

The Herald Tribune reports two small explosions outside the US Army Camp Zama base south of Tokyo, Japan. The US Army and the Japanese police are investigating the attack and a pair of what appear to be improvised rocket launchers have been found.

The blame is being attributed to radical leftist extremists, but terrorism has not been ruled out. On its website, ABC News offered that the attack could be Al-Qaeda's first attempt in Japan. They reported that intelligence sources suspect the terrorists are "actively planning operations against U.S. and Western targets in Japan." Pakistani intelligence sources reportedly told ABC News they have had several reports that Pakistani militant organizations working with al Qaeda had established networks in Japan as far back as 1999.

This is an interesting development, but I'll bet we don't see a lot of investigative journalism around the story.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Hans Sans Pants

From AP comes the story of a 66-year-old German tourist who became so annoyed by the security at Manila's airport that he dropped his pants before walking through the X-ray machine.

Filipino authorities failed to comprehend the humor in his actions and he was detained. He spent the weekend in police custody and will now face a complaint of laciviousness. I hope Hans sees the humor in that.

While security measures are frustrating, the people to get mad at are those who make them necessary, not those who are there to protect people and property. If Hans wants to expose himself to someone let him do it in Tehran or Damascus. That would appeal to my sense of humor.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Rubbish In Jerusalem

Violence has erupted, once again, over the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. This time it's over construction of a new walkway necessitated because of the partial collapse of an old one.Radical islamomaniacs have whipped their psychotic brethern into a frenzy by telling them the Jews are threatening the foundation of the al-Aqsa mosque located near the work.

Mark Regev a spokesman for the Israeli government summed it up. "The tragedy is you have... people out there with very hateful, extremist agendas, who come and start with all this very extreme and hateful language about the Jews wanting to destroy wanting to destroy the mosques and the Jews wanting to build a synagogue there instead of a mosque and it's all just... rubbish."

A group called the Islamic Movement has often been involved in causing violence at the site. “The aggression happening now is a tragedy, a crime,” Raed Salah, a leader of the Islamic Movement in Israel, told The Associated Press. He accused Israel of declaring “a regional, religious war.”Addressing a crowdin Nazareth, Salah said, “Know that the Israeli establishment, which wants to conquer al-Aqsa, has already started to destroy part of the mosque.”

Supporting leaders like Salah is one of the many reasons these protestors lack credibility. Another would be using the very mosque you claim you want to protect as a the place to have a standoff with the police. As usual, these psychos get plenty of publicity and so the nonsense continues.

Thanks to the BBC and ynet.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Friday, February 09, 2007

Extreme Internet

By way of Ananova, comes the good news that we can now watch cheddar cheese mature 24 hours a day on the internet. Who's doing the watching? Is this a big hit in Wisconsin? They've had over 47,000 hits and I'm jealous.

What's next? Watching a fly go up a drape? Good grief, I don't know if I can take the excitement!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Jimmy The Duck

Last month I got a strong reaction to my post about Jimmy Carter's problem with Jews. Well, guess what, Jimmy had a strong reaction to the Simon Wiesenthal Center's petition against his biased book. His hand written note to Rabbi Marvin Hier, the Center’s dean and founder, says, "I don't believe Simon Wiesenthal would have resorted to falsehood and slander to raise funds."

Now, what is Jimmy doing with this sly little inuendo? First he is implying that this was a fund raising effort which it was not. Second, he is accusing the Center of lying and slander for purposes of financial gain, but offers no evidence. So, in less than twenty words Carter tries to defame the Simon Wiesenthal Center while presenting himself as the injured party. His closing with "sincerely" is the sugar to conceal the poison.

Jimmy definitely seems to have a lot of hostility toward the Jews and entertains delusions that they are either out to get him and/or more money and power. While bemoaning being called an anti-semite, he nonetheless espouses beliefs similar to those proud to wear the label.

Well, if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, you know the rest.

What's The Matter With Kids Today

I just couldn't let this story in Newsday pass without a comment.

Danny Fernandez hit a police officer in the head with an aluminum baseball bat and then stole his gun and handcuffs. Why? Danny says he has a problem with authority figures. "I was just doing what everybody wishes they could do, but is too scared to."

I was wondering if Danny really believed that and if so where did he get such an insane idea. I for one have never fantasized about beating cops with a baseball bat or inflicting injury on them in any other way. I doubt I am alone in that. In fact, I truly believe Danny would be more of the exception than the rule.

However, one does not have to read for long before discovering who contributed to Danny's bizarre beliefs.

His mother, who answered the phone at her home in Flushing, NY, but didn't give her name (I wonder why), said her son is not a criminal. "He made a mistake. Everyone makes mistakes," the mother said. "He is a good little boy. He had a big depression."

There you are. The mom is as crazy as the son. Her son is a criminal, not a good little boy (he's 21 years old) and what he did is not a mistake. He committed a premeditated act of violence not a blunder or misinterpretation.

Danny has a 15 year old brother and a seventeen year old sister. Heaven help them if they've been raised by this modern day Ma Barker.

Read more details at the NY Post.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Crazy Cleric Caught On Tape

Just last week I posted about the islamomaniacs' plot in England to behead a young British Muslim soldier live on the internet. Now, perhaps, we know where the idea originated.

It seems there is a recording of Abu Izzadeen, aka Omar Brooks, giving a sermon at a mosque that calls for Muslims working for the government to be beheaded. Here are samplers from the sermon, “Whoever allies himself with the Kaffirs against the believers — he is one of them.

“Remember the British Government, my dear Muslim brothers, are crusaders, crusaders come to kill and rape Muslims.

“Whoever joins them, he who joins the British Army, he who joins the American army he is a mortal Kaffir.

“And his only hukum (punishment) is for his head to be removed. Indeed whoever changes his deen (Muslim code of life) kill him.”

I don't know what action the British government plans on taking against this psychotic, but it won't be severe or soon enough.

Thanks, to The Sun.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Meeting Of The Mad In Malaysia

A mob of anti British and American self proclaimed peace activists just had a conference in Malysia, of all places. Speakers included the former Malaysian premier Mahathir Mohamad, perhaps best known for his frequent Jew bashing quotes. At one time, he claimed to have "definite information" that financier George Soros, whom he identified as a Jew, was responsible for Malaysia's currency problems.

This time, he was busy bashing Bush and Tony Blair and said they should be tried by an unofficial tribunal for war crimes in Iraq. "We shouldn't hang Blair if the tribunal finds him guilty," Mahathir babbled. "He should always carry the label war criminal, killer of children and liar." I wonder why he didn't address all the human rights abuse of his own evil administration?

To give you an idea of the quality of the speakers, Cynthia McKinney, former Democrat Congresswoman and fan of Louis Farrakhan and Robert Mugabe, also was there.

I wonder why Jimmy Carter couldn't make it. He must have been busy building habitats for Hamas and Hezbollah.

See the Daily Mail.

Monday, February 05, 2007

And That's Not All

"Giant achievements" by Iran will be unveiled by its president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. So stated the Iranian news agency, Fars (is that Farsi for Far out?) Iranian technological and medical breakthroughs, including a cure for AIDS were announced. "After seven long years of arduous work, Iranian scientists here on Saturday introduced a herbal medicine which cures Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome," Fars reported. "The drug named 'IMOD' is completely effective and safe with no proven side effects," Iran's Minister of Health Kamran Bagheri Lankarani claimed.

They need to start working on a cure for the delusions of adequacy that seem to have seized their leadership. They're beginning to believe their own bs. Forget the nukes we need to drop a net on these guys and get an I love myself jacket on Mahmoud their infomercial pitchman. What a pack of psychos!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Trouble In Bahrain?

Keep an eye on Bahrain, a Middle Eastern kingdom relatively friendly to the US (they are the first gulf state to have a Fair Trade Agreement with us). Although the population is a Shite majority (about 60%) the ruling family is Sunni.

On Friday, there were riots and police fired tear gas and rubber bullets into hundreds who were protesting the detention of three activists. On Saturday, the three were charged with "promoting change to the political system through illegitimate means, inciting hatred of the political system, agitation and harming the public interest."

I found no mention of it, but one has to suspect the hand of Iran in all of this as it continues to foment problems for the US and her allies.

Thanks to the Herald Tribune.

Another Quiz

Your Dominant Intelligence is Linguistic Intelligence

You are excellent with words and language. You explain yourself well.
An elegant speaker, you can converse well with anyone on the fly.
You are also good at remembering information and convicing someone of your point of view.
A master of creative phrasing and unique words, you enjoy expanding your vocabulary.

You would make a fantastic poet, journalist, writer, teacher, lawyer, politician, or translator.

Thanks to Still Stacy.

Iran Watch

Last month, Russian Admiral Eduard Baltin told the Interfax news agency that US military plans include control over navigation in the Persian Gulf and strikes against Iranian targets.

“The presence of U.S. nuclear submarines in the Persian Gulf region means that the Pentagon has not abandoned plans for surprise strikes against nuclear targets in Iran. With this aim a group of multi-purpose submarines ready to accomplish the task is located in the area,” said the admiral. He went on to state that so far US submarines
control navigation in the Persian Gulf, the Gulf of Oman, and in the Arabian Sea.

The admiral's comments came after the
USS Newport News collided with a Japanese tanker in the Arabian Sea south of the Strait of Hormuz.

Now, comes word that an Iranian nuclear scientist has died in mysterious circumstances. An intelligence source has suggested that Ardeshire Hassanpour, 44, a nuclear physicist, was assassinated by Mossad. The Israelis may have the better answer to foiling Persian plans of nuclear confrontation.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Wrong Way In St. Louis

From the ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH comes the story of Palestinian immigrant, Mousa M. Abuelawi. He was arrested in December and charged on complaints accusing him of three counts of illegal possession or distribution of a machine gun and conspiracy to violate machine gun statutes. He tried to buy as many explosives as possible in preparation for what an associate called "war," the FBI says in court documents.

For some reason this guy is out on bail. He is single with no children, no assets and no job. Why is he out on bail and why is he even in this country? What is he contributing to this nation? Whoever approved this guy's visa should be sentenced along with him.

His story seems to be that he was accumulating the weapons and explosives to make a few extra bucks selling them to street gangs. That's so much better than using them for outright terrorism. The difference escapes me because terrorism is carried out by armed gangs.

Will he show up for his day in court or will we see him next on a CNN interview live from Gaza or perhaps in a doctored Reuters photo?

Clinton To Parlay Peace For Power

How many stories is Hillary going to tell and how is she going to keep track of who gets told what? I guess that's where Slick Willie's advice will come in handy.

Once, she said she was not sorry for voting in favor of military action in Iraq. Then, based on hindsight, she said it was a mistake.

She disagreed with Cindy Sheehan and described the situation as complicated. Now, she says she would not have attacked Iraq had she been the president in 2002 (why in the world did she vote for military action in the Senate???) and she will end the war if elected.

What is her plan? Like Richard Nixon and his Viet Nam plan, we'll have to elect her to find out what it is ... redeployment back to the US. They will use some euphemism like Tricky Dick's "peace with honor" to describe it, but it will be peace at any price. It's the Democrats' "new direction."

Gentlemen may cry, Peace, Peace — but there is no peace. The war is actually begun!
Patrick Henry, March 23, 1775.

Weekend Funny

Friday, February 02, 2007

Holiday Havoc Coming To Your Nation Soon

It's just a matter of time before we'll see this European idiocy being discussed in the States. Anders Broberg, a spokesman for Almega, an organization that supports service companies in Sweden, has proposed doing away with holidays based on Christian beliefs. It would be up to employees to decide which holidays to take based on their own religion. Atheists are included, though no one is saying why. Nothing should come of nothing.

"Why should a Shiite Muslim be free on Epiphany if he or she wants to be free to celebrate the Day of Ashura? I think this will become the norm in the labor market in the future," said Almega's Magnus Kendel. These folks wouldn't know normal if they tripped over it.

I think Broberg and Kendel should take this idea to Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and some other friendly Muslim countries and when they adopt it, the West can review its merits. They might as well risk losing their heads over this since they're obviously not using them for anything important.

Ninth Nut Nabbed

Another plot in England keeps unfolding as police have now arrested a ninth suspect. The plan was to kidnap and behead a member of the public live on the internet. Ah, the peace and tolerance followers of the prophet were planning another religious activity designed to cull converts from the infidels. A young soldier with experience serving in Afghanistan had been identified as the possible sacrifice for allah.

Thank goodness the British seem quite adept at ferreting out the prophet's psychotics before they do any real damage. What will happen if one of their murderous schemes succeeds remains to be seen.

Hat tip, the Telegraph.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Mexico Si, Cuba No?

From the comes This headline:

US Says It's Ready To Protect Shores From Cuban Migration

According to two members of Florida's congressional delegation, the Bush administration is prepared to prevent a mass migration from Cuba after the death of dictator Fidel Castro.

Now, why the administration is spending time and money addressing a migration that has not and may not occur, while ignoring an ongoing illegal invasion of our southern border is beyond comprehension. Why does this administration embrace border violations by Mexicans, but Cubans are persona non grata? If one of the two can claim political asylum , surely it is the Cubans who have been persecuted by Castro without mercy for decades.

After a
closed-door briefing on Wednesday by officials representing the Coast Guard, Federal Emergency Management Agency, Immigration and Naturalization Service, Homeland Security and the Border Patrol, Representative Mario Diaz-Balart, Republican, made some pretty ridiculous statements. He said, this administration made it "very clear what the policy is the United States will not permit the disruption of its sovereignty."

I have news for Mario, the sovereignty of the US is disrupted continually twenty four by seven. If he has any doubts he can come to my house and watch how the administration turns a blind eye and how our National Guard is used only to observe and report that the invasion is going just fine.

If those of you from the American southwest have finished convulsing in laughter, here's another gem. "
This administration is really prepared and will not permit the United States to not be able to control its territory," Mario Diaz-Balart babbled. Perhaps someone should gift the congressman with a map of his country and point out to him it extends beyond the Florida panhandle.

Still, I want to know what it is that makes this administration so anti-Cuban and why the double standard? And, for the record isn't the Congressman a son of the exiled Cuban politician Rafael Diaz-Balart who formed the first anti-Castro organization in exile, La Rosa Blanca?