Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Jan Egeland shut up

Hey, we've got some Norwegian butt hook at the UN telling us we're not doing enough for the quake victims. The only reason this ungrateful piece of whale turd has a job is because of the money we flush down that toilet organization .

Hey Jan, how much are you giving? How about we take your totally undeserved compensation and give it to Sri Lanka? What the hell did Norway ever contribute....oh yeah. isn't that where the word quisling came from? Ask Kofi for some bucks, I'm sure he and his kid know where to lay their hands on some of our dough.

Let's get the hell out of the UN now!

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Berry, Berry Nuts

Is it true? Did Mary Frances resign from a job she no longer had ? Was reality intruding into her fantasy land ? I was hoping the US Marshall was going to pay her a visit for not vacating the office. But, Mary Frances could assign that job to herself also. "If I don't come out in 5 minutes, I'm coming in after myself."

The democrats should start "unreality television", people living in an UnWalgreen World where everything goes wrong, everything sucks and everything is unfair but the UnRepublicans keep finding ways to make it even worse.

If you get a chance, read yesterdays Village Voice article on the "Reverend Al" who said recently maybe we should ask if we're on God's side. Well, Al, by any stretch of reality this ain't it but I'm sure in your unreal world you're having a very happy unmarriage.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

A Day That Shall Live in Infamy

I just wanted to pay my respects to those who died at Pearl Harbor. I had one relative that I know of who died there, a cousin. I wasn't alive when it happened but my grandmother had a picture of him in his navy uniform, I believe his last name was Fox, but I'm not completely certain.
My grandmother was an Irish immigrant who loved this country and she never forgave the Japanese, well for that matter she never forgave the British for their atrocities in Ireland.
Oh well, God bless America!

Reid vs. Thomas

So, Harry Reid thinks that Justice Thomas writes poorly and is an embarassment. I believe Harry was a lawyer, how good I don't know. It just seems the Democrats are having major issues with these uppity black conservatives. Would it have anything to do with Harry's membership in the LDS, which didn't change it's racist views on blacks until a new "revelation" in 1978 when Harry was almost 40 years old? Hmmm, I wonder if Harry was having any late night meetings with Senator Byrd as they compared autographed Lester Maddox ax handles (wasn't he a democrat also?) .
There is a very disturbing smell of bigotry starting to reek through the floorboards of the democratic platform.

Monday, December 06, 2004

Canadian Clouseaus and the French Fumblers

The French have lost their training explosives and don't know where to find them! Not to be outdone our wannabe Frenchies north of the border have lost airport security uniforms and badges (about 1000 over the last 9 months). The Federal Transport Minister is Jean Lapierre and the president of the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority is Jacques Duchesneau. Some of the missing items were discovered on ebay.
This must be quite a group. I wonder what these guys used to lose before security was beefed up!
Alors! Where are my pants? Sacre bleu! Where are your pants? And, I have a boomp on my head!

Sunday, December 05, 2004

The Ghost and Mr. Rather

I was listening to News Watch on Fox yesterday and Dan Rather's name came up. No one even mentioned his communication with the incorporeal entity at the CBS building. No one scoffed about Edward R. Murrow haunting the third floor and "watching over" CBS land.
I wonder what the press reaction would be if President Bush were having conversations with Abraham Lincoln ? If one claims to be attempting to communicate with God the press scoffs and ridicules and implies you're a danger to civilization. But, one of their own converses "many times" with the ghost of CBS past and not an eye is blinked. Where is the demand to outfit him in an "I love myself" jacket and rubber pants and put him in a padded cell with roommate Andy Rooney. There they can tilt at windmills while Edward Murrow acts as oracle continuing with sage advice like the reporting of the National Guard memos.
Tell us, where now is the disdain for the supernatural, why no raised eyebrows? What makes "Dementia Dan" so free of criticism.
"So are the paths of all who forget God; And the hope of the hypocrite shall perish."