Sunday, February 27, 2005

Newman, What Are You Smoking Now?

Paul Newman, a supervisor of Cochise County, Arizona is more concerned about the activities of US citizens than he is about illegals. Sierra Vista Herald article has the details.

What's the matter Paul, afraid your marijuana shipment might be delayed? Folks, this is one reason why we have such major border problems. Too many of our "representatives" have no respect for the law and think they do not have to abide by or enforce that with which they do not agree.


John said...

Nice place you have here! I'll come around here and there. Adding you to my blogroll. I see I'm already on yours! Thanks, Jay

Toni said...

Did you see the details Michelle Malkin posted on REAL ID Act. Seems the devil is in the details. There's loopholes (yes - imagine that) in giving licenses to illegals.

BobG said...

Thanks Jay777. Toni, I appreciate the heads up. I usually don't miss Michelle but I think I may not have seen the one you mentioned.

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