Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Americans, Doing The Jobs Illegals Should Do, But Won't

Here's a little advertised fact about our illegal invasion. After three years of cleanups, the federal government has achieved no better than a 1 percent solution for the problem of trash left in southern Arizona by illegal border-crossers.

Cleanup crews from various agencies, volunteer groups and the Tohono O'odham Nation hauled about 250,000 pounds of trash from thousands of acres of federal, state and private land across southern Arizona from 2002 to 2005, says the U.S. Bureau of Land Management. But that's only a fraction of the nearly 25 million pounds of trash thought to be out there.

Yes, America, these are the future citizens that Kennedy and Bush want to inflict upon you. The trash these upstanding invaders bring you includes, but is not limited to, water bottles, razors, medications, batteries, cell phones, radios, homemade weapons and human waste. Alien gifts for America are strewn about on private and public property alike.

The deposits of used toilet paper, human feces and rotting food is a health and safety issue for residents and visitors, a new BLM report says.

The law should allow for using apprehended illegals to clean up the areas violated by them and their compadres. However, this government seems to have little or no interest in protecting the property of American citizens.

Illegal immigrants should pick up the trash themselves, said Cindy Kolb, who helped found the group Civil Homeland Defense.
"Our mothers did not pay someone to pick up our trash," Kolb said. "We were taught to pick it up ourselves and to practice civic pride as law-abiding citizens."

That's the key phrase, Cindy, "
law-abiding citizens."

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