Saturday, June 30, 2007

Car Bomb Was Expected

According to the Times Online, nightclubs all over Great Britain were warned about possible terrorist attacks only days before the recent failed car-bomb attack in London. A 53-page document alerting businesses to the threat of VBIEDs — vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices — had been issued to police two weeks ago.

The was preceeded by a posting on an internet forum used by terrorists that said: “Today I say: Rejoice, by Allah. London will be bombed.”

The prophet's psychos are far from finished. How much more time do we have before this happens here? Yet, the government still will not secure our borders, nor will they begin a process to locate and apprehend those who are in our midst illegally. Now, they will do even less as punishment for our rejection of their shamnesty. When tragedy strikes they will try to tell us it is because we failed to approve their initial treachery. We must clean house.

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