Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Expected Blame Game Reaction

Here we go, Mexico has something to say about the internal affairs of the US government. Unhappy that we did not grant amnesty to the illegals that they have encouraged to violate our sovereignty, this pathetic excuse for leadership south of the border referred to the defeat of the shamnesty bill as a "grave error."

If President Felipe Calderon wants to discuss grave errors let him explain why the standard of living in his third world hell hole causes his people to do anything to escape. Let him explain why the filthy rich in Mexico are not taxed to take care of the poor and why he thinks American taxpayers should do the work that his people won't do. Let him explain why the culture of corruption permeates his nation enabling drug dealers and coyotes to flourish while the poor starve.

Look to your own casa, Calderon and clean it, instead of throwing your debris into your neighbor's yard.

As for the Salvadoran President ElĂ­as Antonio Saca who felt he had to chime in, why don't you spend your time talking to Calderon about how your people are abused by his law enforcement as they try to work their way through Mexico before invading us?

It is so easy to blame us because we are successful instead of looking inward to find out why you are not. The American people have spoken, no amnesty. Get over it.

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