Sunday, September 02, 2007

Clinton's Judge Chesney Needs Breathing Room

U.S. District Judge Maxine Chesney has taken it upon herself to prevent the mailing of the "no-match" letters which contain notification of serious penalties for knowingly hiring illegal aliens. This should come as no more a shock than the fact that one of the shysters from the ACLU is involved.

Judge Chesney is a native Californian, born in San Francisco, a graduate of Berkeley and was appointed by Slick Willie in 1995. She claims she needs "breathing room" before making a decision on the legality of the new penalties and has set the next hearing for October first. You can rest assured this is to buy her time so she can get with her liberal pals to plan an end run around the law.

For more than two decades, the Social Security Administration has sent out "no-match" letters warning employers of discrepancies in the information the government has on their workers. The only thing different this time is that those letters will be accompanied by notices from the Department of Homeland Security outlining strict new requirements for employers to resolve those discrepancies within 90 days or face fines or criminal prosecution, if they're deemed to have knowingly hired illegal aliens. What liberal legalese are the open borders crowd going to invent to kill the spirit of the law once again.

Once more the Justice system is undermining the nation by trying to impose its agenda over the will of the American people. If you like, let Maxine know your opinion.

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