Friday, September 07, 2007

Speed Over Need At The Border

As we close in on another anniversary of 9/11, we find out that instead of our security improving it is getting more lax. Mexican trucks are poised to travel through our nation and now we learn that security checks have been minimized to speed up traffic delays between the US and Mexico.

A memorandum from CBP El Paso field office Director Luis Garcia directs agents to limit inspections of border crossers when wait times escalate. Obvipusly, he feels no problem putting the convenience of border crossers ahead of American lives. Why are people like this allowed to keep their jobs?

The Washington Times also obtained documents tha showed customs officers in the El Paso sector have been told to "not deny permits" of entry to any person entering the United States, regardless of indicators that they've overstayed their visa in the past.

CBP Chief George Carpenter, shift commander, sent a memorandum to all border inspectors informing them never to deny I-94 forms, which allow non-immigrants extended stay in the United States, even if those people failed to turn in previous forms required by law. All the El Paso inspectors were required to sign the memorandum.

According to multiple border inspectors, the agents who denied entry to non-immigrants without proof of the appropriate crossing forms were reprimanded by supervisors.

Is this any way to run security?

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