Saturday, November 10, 2007

Attacks On Free Speech Continue

The attack on free speech grows stronger. CAIR has targeted Michael Savage by pressing advertisers to withdraw their sponsorship. Savage, of course, is fighting back. He is urging his listeners to protect freedom of speech: "Email your representative; investigate CAIR for manipulating the U.S. media," his Web site says.

I don't always agree with Michael Savage, but I most certainly agree with his right to express his opinion. Whether it's cartoons, the pope quoting a 14th century Byzantine Emperor or Michael Savage railing against hijabs and burkas, Muslims seem to have a great deal of difficulty catching on to the free speech concept. They are joined in this by some idiot Americans who fail to understand if you censor someone, you can censor anyone.

Infringement on free speech coupled with attacks on the right to bear arms will lead to the destruction of our nation. The threat is far greater than most people believe.

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