Friday, April 11, 2008

No Dogs Allowed

A primary school in Amsterdam wishing to expose its students to the religion of Isalm got more than it bargained for during its most recent visit to the El Mouchidine mosque. The chairman told the 10 year olds and their adult escorts that non-Muslims are dogs.

In a letter to the children's parents, the school expressed its regret writing, "We are shocked that during the guided tour, the mosque's chairman told the children and chaperoning parents that non believers were dogs. We consider this statement as unacceptable since we allow our children to partake in this project to develop respect for freedom of religious choice".

The liberal edjimacators just don't get it. These Muslims consider the infidel unacceptable and this time they forgot to hide how they truly feel. It is obvious they do not share the school's respect for freedom of religious choice, but the school claims to be shocked.


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