Monday, February 02, 2009

What's One More?

And the lobbyists just keep on showing up in Barack's white house. Tom Daschle, another weasel who can't seem to pay his taxes correctly, has been picked to be secretary of health and human services. Notice, these guys never err in the government's favor.

What has Daschle been doing since losing his last senate race? He took a job as a "special policy adviser" for the Alston & Bird law firm. This because he was prohibited by law from lobbying for one year after leaving the Senate. However, his work with health care clients was about as close to lobbying as you can get. Once again, the spirit of the law is violated as Barack attempts to circumvent the meaning of his promise to keep lobbyists out of his administration.

Schumer, Kerry, Kennedy and Leahy all have come out in support of Daschle. What references! We see the same weasels appearing, the same thieves supporting each other and the American people suffer for it.

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