Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Kerry And Who Owns The Boat

Ah, John Kerry back in the news and for what? Well, once again, he's playing the arrogant, pretentious aristocrat.

Inquiries about about his new $7 million yacht and where he's docking it seem to annoy the senator. After all, who is the public to question him? He served in Viet Nam.

The yacht is docked in Rhode Island rather than at Kerry's summer home on Nantucket or in Boston Harbor. That means he avoids paying nearly $500,000 in taxes to Massachusetts and a $70,000-a-year excise tax.

When asked "Did you berth the boat in Massachusetts?" he replied, "That depends on who owns it."
Then, he said to his driver, "Can I get out of here please?"

A spokesperson with the Department of Revenue who did not want to comment specifically on Kerry's case said ownership by an out-of-state corporation wouldn't matter. And, the law states if you bring the purchased property into the state within six months of buying it, you would be subject to the sales tax.

Just like when he was running for king, I mean president, he still won't answer a simple question directly.

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