Sunday, February 11, 2007

Rubbish In Jerusalem

Violence has erupted, once again, over the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. This time it's over construction of a new walkway necessitated because of the partial collapse of an old one.Radical islamomaniacs have whipped their psychotic brethern into a frenzy by telling them the Jews are threatening the foundation of the al-Aqsa mosque located near the work.

Mark Regev a spokesman for the Israeli government summed it up. "The tragedy is you have... people out there with very hateful, extremist agendas, who come and start with all this very extreme and hateful language about the Jews wanting to destroy wanting to destroy the mosques and the Jews wanting to build a synagogue there instead of a mosque and it's all just... rubbish."

A group called the Islamic Movement has often been involved in causing violence at the site. “The aggression happening now is a tragedy, a crime,” Raed Salah, a leader of the Islamic Movement in Israel, told The Associated Press. He accused Israel of declaring “a regional, religious war.”Addressing a crowdin Nazareth, Salah said, “Know that the Israeli establishment, which wants to conquer al-Aqsa, has already started to destroy part of the mosque.”

Supporting leaders like Salah is one of the many reasons these protestors lack credibility. Another would be using the very mosque you claim you want to protect as a the place to have a standoff with the police. As usual, these psychos get plenty of publicity and so the nonsense continues.

Thanks to the BBC and ynet.

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