Wednesday, February 28, 2007

No Press For Killer Cabbie?

Try finding any update on the Muslim car thief who, posing as a legitimate taxi driver, attempted to kill two college students with a stolen cab. The last article I saw was in FOXNews, telling us that Ibrahim Ahmed was not an employee because he had been fired last year after a high-speed chase by the Nashville police. The cab Ahmed is reported to have stolen was supposed to be in for repair, but he was using it and pocketing the fares.
Now, if you dig for information you will find that the two victims have testified and according to them, Ahmed's anger was not the result of the discussion of religion, but rather, seems to have sprung up from nowhere. The mad Muslim went on a rant praising Hitler and calling for the eradication of white people.

You can be assured that if some crazed Christian had tried to kill two Muslims while praising the Klan and calling for the eradication of black people it would be headline news. Ahmed, however, gets a free pass. Can you guess why? I think you can. The MSM bares its prejudiced, evil heart once again.

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