Sunday, January 03, 2010

Ben Nelson Spinning Out of Control

There seems to be no end to Ben Nelson's shameful behavior. Politico reports that he has asked the South Carolina Attorney General Henry McMaster to "call off the dogs." This is a reference to recent threats by the state AGs to file a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of a Medicaid provision in the bill that benefits Nebraska at the expense of other states.

It seems that Nelson told McMaster that the Medicaid deal had not been his idea, and that the same Medicaid exemption would be extended to other states.Yet, Senate Democratic leaders have made no reference to a plan to expand the Nebraska deal to the remaining 49 states. In fact, there is no way the federal government could assume such an expense and keep alive Obama's myth that this will reduce the federal deficit.

Nelson's in big trouble and deservedly so. He will do or say anything at his point. Come to think of it that's nothing new.

2010 may turn out to be a good year after all!

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