Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Donks Jump Ship as Obama Sinks

First Dodd and now Byron Dorgan, the senator from North Dakota, announces he will not seek re-election to the Senate in 2010. This is merely the tip of the global warming iceberg. Stay tuned.

Like rats leaving the sinking garbage scow, watch the abandonment of Obama's barge. You would think with all their recent "success," they would want to continue on with the hopey, changey thing. Is it that they feel they have the nation where they want it? No, they feel the wrath of the extremist majority, the American people is about to be unleashed upon them. Like all cowardly left wingers, they scurry back to their holes and will wait to seize another opportunity to ravage the nation again. If we are smart, this time we will elect exterminators to rid us of this vermin.

I forgot to mention Colorado Governor Bill Ritter won't run for re-election this fall, sources told The Associated Press on Tuesday. The first-term Democrat was elected in 2006 in a pivotal swing-voting state. He has been widely considered a rising star in the Democratic Party. One term and he's now a falling star.

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