Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Dodd Quits, One Down, Many to Go

CNN reports, a news conference is planned for Wednesday to announce the retirement of Chris Dodd, the slime ball senator from Connecticut. Without his drinking buddy, Teddy Kennedy and almost sure to lose re-election in 2010, Dodd has chosen to quit playing, take his bottle and go home.

His most recent lies denied his involvement with handing out big bonuses at AIG, after the insurance giant received taxpayer bailout money. Later he had to admit his role. Despite his lies, it came out that he was told from the start he was getting a VIP mortgage discount from one of the nation’s largest lenders, Countrywide.

Although he wanted to be president in 2008, he is giving up in 2010. It's obvious he is unwilling to face the wrath of the voters. Anyway, it's good riddance to one of the most corrupt and crooked rodents to ever disgrace the halls of Congress.

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