Thursday, March 23, 2006


Late in January of this year, I posted "Ring Of Steel" which described how New York City was looking to London as an example of how to improve security in lower Manhattan. London has what is known as the "ring of steel", a system of closed-circuit cameras and narrow roads. Police can block it off while cameras scan for wanted vehicles and monitor traffic and people entering and exiting the area.

Well, according to
the police commissioner, Raymond Kelly, in a hearing before the City Council's Committee on Public Safety, they are moving forward with such a plan.

Get ready, because you can count on the NYCLU fighting this every step of the way. Christopher Dunn and Donna Lieberman,the Associate Legal Director and the Executive Director of the NYCLU have already been trying to portray this system as the final step before the placement of cameras in your living room. They obviously cannot distinguish between private and public arenas.

The cameras in London
played a key role in identifying the July 7 Underground and bus bombers. Although they didn't prevent the terrorist act they certainly assured apprehension.

Where does it end?", wail Dunn and Lieberman in the liberal throes of imagined conspiracies to end our democracy. They fail to understand that without security there is no freedom and that the twin towers disaster showed us the enemy of our way of life. It is not, despite NYCLU and ACLU arguments to the contrary, the NYPD.

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