Friday, April 07, 2006

If You Have Enough Time, It Ain't No Crime

This travesty of justice that the traitors in our Senate are proposing is based on how long you have evaded the law.

The more successful you have been at flouting the law, the greater your reward. An estimated 6.7 million illegals could fall into the five years or longer category. They would have to agree to learn English and there is no doubt they would do that because they are obviously trustworhty individuals who play by the rules. Give me a break!

Who will decide and how will they determine if English has been mastered? We can't teach our American born children to speak English properly, how will we teach people who have no interest in speaking it? Will we actually deport someone for failing to learn the language when we don't even deport them for breaking our laws? There's an ACLU case waiting to happen.

Next, we have the less than five but more than two years group. They must go to a port of entry, touch it and return. The only thing more childish than this are the minds of the senile old men who thought it up. This could be as many as 2.8 million, added to the group above we could be talking 9.5 million illegals getting amnesty.

The remaining illegals get to go home because they haven't broken the law long enough, thereby disqualifying themselves for amnesty and citizenship. Will they go home? Will those who are wanted by the law for various crimes sign up to this program? I doubt it. Will they be apprehended and expelled? I doubt it.

We will be no better off then we were before, no more secure (we're getting a virtual wall instead of a real one). Except now, we will have almost 10 million foreigners, most of whom couldn't give a tinker's dam about this country, running around legally. That will entitle them to more government aid, handouts and benefits, for which we will all pay dearly. Whatever we're saving in the price of lettuce will be paid out at tax time and in overburdened facilities (hospitals, clinics, post offices, motor vehicle departments, etc.) used by all of us.

The traitors in Washington should be called to account but, I am losing faith that this nation has the will to fix its problems.

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