Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Without Representation

Based on A Time Magazine Poll I saw on NewsMax, I'm trying to figure out who the people in Washington think they're representing.

Here are some of the poll's findings:

By a margin of 56 to 40 percent, respondents said they want the wall built from sea to shining sea. I would call that a clear cut majority that wants a real wall, not a virtual, "let's all pretend to feel secure," wall.

62 percent told Time that they favored using the military to guard the border. Just 35 percent opposed. Are you listening, Mr. President and do you intend to fullfil your oath to protect and defend us? If the Democrats ever got serious about impeachment this would be the issue but, people in glass houses,etc.

51 percent, said the U.S. would be "better of" if all illegals were deported and the border sealed to prevent any more from coming in. Just 38 percent disagreed. Even the 3percent margin can't make this one close.

75 percent say illegals should be denied government supplied health care and food stamps, with 21 percent saying they should get those benefits. A majority, 69 percent, say illegals shouldn't be allowed to get U.S. drivers licenses.Is that enough of a majority for you idiots in Washington? We already fought a revolution over having no representation, are we going to have to do it again?

Too many senators of both parties are refusing to acknowledge the will of the American people. Their sympathies are with causes that are anti-American and they are willing to subvert the sovereignty of this great nation to achieve them. The Faustian deal they have cut must not succeed or we will enter a new Dark Age of anarchy.

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