Wednesday, September 13, 2006

What Flavor Of God Do You Prefer ?

Thanks to NewsMax, I discovered the God survey. Taken among 1,700 Americans, by Gallup, it asked 77 questions and offered almost 400 answer choices.

Based on the responses, the researchers came up with four different American views of God:

The Authoritarian God (31.4 percent of Americans overall) is angry at humanity's sins and engaged in everyone's life and worldly affairs.

The Benevolent God (23 percent overall) sets absolute standards for mankind but is seen as primarily a loving, forgiving Creator.

The Critical God (16 percent) keeps a judgmental eye on humanity, but does not intervene in events.

The Distant God (24.4 percent) is a cosmic force that launched the universe, then left it on its own.

The largest percentage of people with the Authoritarian God view (43.5 percent) live in the South, while the Benevolent view is most common (28.8 percent) in the Midwest, the Critical God is most prevalent (21.2 percent) in the East and the Distant God is favored the most (30.3 percent) in the West.

It reminds me of the saying, "On the sixth day God created man, on the seventh day man returned the favor.

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