Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Dhimmi Dutch Bishop

A Dutch Catholic bishop has suggested that Christians should refer to God as "Allah" to promote better relations with Muslims. Are the Muslims going to call God Yahweh to reciprocate? I doubt it. Anyway, Christians worship a triune God and that is not Allah.

From Catholic World News comes a story about Bishop Martinus "Tiny" Muskens of Breda told the "Network" television show that "God doesn't really care how we address Him." Somehow, I doubt that. I think God expects to be approached and addressed with reverence.

The Dutch bishop admitted that his suggestion was not likely to gain widespread acceptance. But he predicted that within a century or two, Dutch Catholics would be addressing prayers to "Allah." That's because they will have no choice if people like the bishop and the Dutch government continue to appease the islamomaniacs.

Bishop Muskens has a history of creating occasional controversy within the Church. He has broken with Vatican leadership to endorse the use of condoms as a means of preventing the spread of AIDS, and in 2006 he traveled to Uganda to endorse the work of a group called Stop AIDS Now, which emphasized condom distribution. It's too bad the bishop's father didn't use one, then we would be spared his liberal nonsense.

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