Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Furious Filner Has Dulles Tantrum

A Democrat from California usually spells trouble, but Bob Filner may be more trouble than most. A founding member of the subversive Progressive Caucus, his last mad memorable moment was about a year ago when he lashed out with obscenities at two Veterans Affairs officials after a briefing.

Now, he is facing an assault and battery charge after an incident at Dulles Airport where he allegedly pushed an United Airlines bag claim employee.

A source familiar with the incident told FOX News that when Filner's luggage didn’t show up in the claim area fast enough, he allegedly stormed into the United baggage office and insisted on knowing where his bag was. The agent was working with another customer and told him to wait.

The source alleged that Filner refused to step back and when the worker told him to leave the office, he said, “You can’t stop me.” She replied: "No, but the police can.”

Filner allegedly pushed aside the agent's outstretched arm and proceeded into an area off-limits to customers, where another agent was on the line with police. The agent could be heard from the back room telling him, “You have to go.”

He supposedly responded: “I’m not going until I get my bag. You’re treating us like animals.” Well, if you're going to act like one what do you expect?

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