Wednesday, August 01, 2007

They'll Make It Up In Volume

When are we going to react to China and those who do business with it ? China shoots lasers at our satellites, steals technology, poisons our pets and puts lead based paint on our children's toys. Once that alone would have been an act of war. But, they are cheap. Do you hear any noise about it from Congress?

Of course not, the money hungry companies that do business with them couldn't care less. Our government is owned by those same companies.

I worked for Mattel 25 years ago and honestly something like this would not have happened then because extreme precautions were taken to insure product integrity lest any child be harmed. Where is Mattel's quality control? Who was watching the vendor? Put them in the public eye and let them answer.

This is ridiculous, Mattel should fold its tent and slink away into oblivion. The dollar became more important than the children. America, have you lost the ability to show righteous anger and outrage?

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