Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Don't Step In The Obamanure

Here it comes, the Obamanure. Promising everything to everyone by promoting class warfare, Barack is out of the gate.

"I'll make oil companies like Exxon pay a tax on their windfall profits, and we'll use the money to help families pay for their skyrocketing energy costs and other bills." What are you doing with the outrageous taxes already on our fuel? Oh, that's right it's for all those pork projects the senate is so fond of.

"Such relief can't wait until the next president takes office. ... That's why I've called for another round of fiscal stimulus, an immediate $50 billion to help those who've been hit hardest by this economic downturn." Really? And who will pay for all this or will you just do it with a hidden tax by printing more currency to make the dollar even more worthless than it already is?

Republicans and Democrats all own this fiscal fiasco just like they both own the illegal alien debacle. They have shown no foresight and are so intent on blaming each other for purposes of political power that our nation is in trouble. If there were ever cause for being tried for malfeasance, this is it.

Why we promote people to the presidency who were incapable of doing the job in the senate is a mystery. We are now about to reap the misery of our sowing of stupidity.

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