Monday, April 19, 2010

Just Say it's So, Joe

Senator Joe Lieberman said he was “startled” that the Pentagon does not mention “radical Islamist extremism or Islamic terrorism” in its report about the Ft. Hood massacre. Lieberman, who is the Senate Homeland Security Committee Chairman, says Americans know the incident was incited by radical Muslim ideology. Obviously the White House doesn't want them to think that way, Joe, because it has yet to call the Ft. Hood massacre an act of terrorism.

Why should this come as a shock? This is an administration that will not prosecute voter intimidation by Black Panthers and refuses to explain its reasoning. This is an administration that jumped to the conclusion that Cambridge cops acted stupidly when responding to a burglary report. This is an administration that sees racism everywhere unless it's against white Christians and Jews.

Joe, the president has an agenda and if it isn't obvious to you at this point then it's time for the rocking chair.

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