Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Obama Goes A-Courtin'

Obama is expected to meet with key Republican and Democratic leaders Wednesday to "discuss" a replacement for retiring Justice John Paul Stevens. Why is he bothering to meet with Republicans? He's not going to pick someone Republicans will be enthusiastic about and he will ram through his choice despite any opposition. This sham, this pretense of reaching out when you intend to do whatever you want anyway has got to stop. Republicans are every bit as much to blame for allowing him to engage in such charades.

The fact that some sources say the president is actually considering Janet Napolitano shows how ludicrous this appointment will be. Napolitano was a terrible governor and was rewarded by promotion to a position where her ineptitude has excelled. By all means, Barack, put her on the highest court of the land. Add her to the Obama legacy of mediocrity you wish to foist upon this great nation.

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