Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mexico Still Complaining

Mexico is still at it. They are yelling and screaming because we want to protect our sovereignty.

The government of the Mexican state of Sonora announced it would not attend a cooperation meeting the two states have held annually for four decades.

"This is not about a breaking of relations with Arizona, but rather a way to protest the approval of the law," the state government said in a statement.

Of course you won't break relations because that would mean no more free help with your fires, medical emergencies and all the other benefits American taxpayers foot the bill for while our country goes bankrupt.

Let's be truthful here, Mexico, you are the addict and we are the enabler.

If we were to tell you what laws to pass in your country you would b furious and rightfully so. Worry about what goes on in Mexico and leave America to the Americans.

Why don't you worry about the Americans who are legally in your country and are victims of violence by your people. We'll worry about people visiting our country and if they're here illegally it's our right to deal with them.

Note: Why isn't anyone talking about those violent demonstrators who oppose this bill? Where is all the concern about extremists and angry mobs? Where are the crazy Democrats who were condemning this behavior, now that it actually has manifested itself? One can only conclude they condone violence and extremism when it coincides with their agenda.

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