Thursday, March 24, 2005

Do Your Job Mr. President

President Bush promised leaders of Mexico and Canada on Wednesday that he would continue pressing for changes in U.S. immigration policy. At the same time, he sought to lower expectations that a guest worker program would gain momentum on Capitol Hill, where it has faced resistance for years.
"Mr. President, you've got my pledge, I'll continue working on it," Bush said to Mexican President Vicente Fox. Bush, Fox and Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin appeared together at a news conference at Baylor University here.
With immigration at the forefront of their talks, Bush voiced criticism of U.S. citizens along the border who have taken it upon themselves to enforce security. "I'm against vigilantes," he said.
Well, Mr. President, do your job and there will be no need for vigilantes. Enforce our laws as the chief executive should instead of fawning all over Fox. Embrace the will of the American people instead of worrying what the neighbors will say. Be the president of the United Staes of America and let the rest of North America take care of itself.

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