Saturday, March 12, 2005

Have some Heroin, Eh?

Just over the United States northwest border, addicts will soon be able to get their fix from the Canadian government in the form of free heroin given by nurses and doctors and paid for by the taxpayer.

The Vancouver Police Chief is among supporters who say the heroin giveaway will let junkies shoot up without having to resort to theft or prostitution to buy their drugs. Breaking that cycle of crime, they argue, is the first step toward turning an addict's life around.

“I’m not a medical expert, this is not my field. I'm an expert in public safety," Graham said. "And if this will help reduce the crime rate — I'm all for it."

I suppose it's in the public interest and safety to have a bunch of stoned, unproductive junkies stumbling around all the time. I suppose it is in the national interest of Canada to say, if you choose not to take responsibility for your life and become a productive, functioning member of society don't worry about it. We will force the rest of society to worry about you and we will enable you to continue down your path of destruction.
Here we go folks, the end justifies the means. Don't attack the problem just control the symptoms. No wonder so many of our lefties want to move there.

Recovered addict Chuck Swesey - who's been clean 20 years - says the program smacks of government drug pushing. He says he knows how he would've ended under a program like this: "I'd be dead ... or I'd be in a jail or an institution."

Listen to this man, the recovered voice of reason. This is government drug pushing and by using taxpayers money it forces people morally opposed to participate. Oh wait, we do that here with abortion.

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