Sunday, March 13, 2005

Mexican Legal System in Action

A state police officer has been killed by a crowd of vigilantes in Mexico City. Checkout the story on CNN. Remember this is the country that's concerned about the Mexican murderers on our death row. Maybe we should put them in police uniforms and turn them loose in Mexico City.

This is the part I found significant:

The killing came amid heightened concerns about vigilante justice in Mexico, where police are seen as inept or corrupt and people say they must take security into their own hands.

The attack in Oaxaca resembled a November incident in Mexico City in which an angry crowd beat and burned alive two plainclothes federal agents and severely injured a third.

These are the Mexican authorities that are supposed to help us watch the border for terrorists. Their own people see them as inept and corrupt, Houston, we have a problem.

And this: President Vicente Fox responded by firing Mexico City's police chief and the head of the Federal Preventative Police, blaming Mexico City's government for tolerating vigilantism. Dozens of people accused of participating in that attack have been arrested.

I'm sure he'll be firing people after a bridge or school or sports arena is blown up by some muslim martyr maniac in this country. Because, if they come in through Mexico we need to hold Mexico liable and we should start with Senor Fox.

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