Monday, April 25, 2005

Granny Faithfull Back on the Couch

The singer Marianne Faithfull has turned to therapy to help to her cope with growing old.

The 58-year-old disclosed yesterday that she has had problems confronting the reality of ageing and spoke out against the double standards afforded to ageing male pop stars.

Faithfull, who has two grandchildren, has been told by her manager and partner not to discuss her "granny status" in interviews because it reminds people that she is growing old.

"I'd like to know about Bob Dylan's grandchildren but you wouldn't ask about them as he is a man," she said. "If I were a man you wouldn't ask me about such questions."

The 1960s star admitted seeking help in order to come to terms with her fading beauty. "It's very hard having been so beautiful when young," she said. "It's the first time I've seen a psychiatrist since I came off drugs."

She struggled for many years with a heroin addiction and during the 1970s made several suicide attempts. Since she stopped taking drugs 20 years ago her only vice, she said, has been smoking.

What the heck is she smoking? She has trouble with the "reality of ageing"? She obviously has trouble with reality period. Another hippie who never grew up, she blames the media for her lack of self esteem. If you were a man, Marianne, you'd still be self centered and shallow. The only change would be in your plumbing.

Thanks to the telegraph.


Stacy said...

Ironically, drug and cigarette use makes you age faster. Hmm.

Jeff H said...

What Stacy said. Smoke the hash and tobaccy, and your skin'll get sacky.

And if she doesn't want to "deal" with her age as an issue in her current career, get another career.

I hear Wendy's is hiring.

BobG said...

i like it Jeff, she can sing as "I sit and watch as fries go by".