Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Mayor Mumbles Menino Gets Gas-Guzzler

This from the Boston Herald:
As soaring fuel prices cause palpitations at the pumps, Mayor Thomas M. Menino is sitting pretty in his taxpayer-funded, gas-guzzling SUV, rejecting an eco-friendly hybrid vehicle because it's too small.
With gas prices hovering near record highs - a gallon of regular unleaded averages $2.17 in Boston - that means $60 for each fill-up of the 28-gallon tank in Menino's Ford Expedition. And at 14 miles per gallon, the fill-ups come often.
What's more, the mayor - who recently called environmental policy a top priority and even named a new Cabinet member to handle it - could be driving a fuel-efficient hybrid.
Officials confirmed yesterday the mayor could have chosen the hybrid Ford Escape SUV under the city's executive lease program.
But they said the hybrid wasn't big enough to accommodate staff members, a security detail and the equipment that must travel with the mayor at all times, including life-saving equipment needed to respond to emergencies.
``We looked into the Escape,'' said security chief Lt. Dan Linskey. ``It's significantly smaller.''
In February, Menino created a new city environmental post to ``help lead our city and its natural resources to a clean and healthy future.''
But Jim Kliesch, of watchdog group American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, said the mayor could have made a greener SUV choice.
``Regardless of the vehicle class you are shopping for, there are greener models in every class,'' said Kliesch, pointing out the Toyota Sequoia, GMC Yukon, and Chevy Tahoe all have far better ``Green Scores.''

Duplicitous democrat strikes again. This is just like our Hollywood friends, who are oh so concerned about the environment, until it means relinquishing the jets and limos.


Brian of Deerfield said...

Figures, that the mayor of Beantown is a typical New England liberal phoney! At least we could condone his new Ford
gas guzzler if he paid at the pump like the rest of us! I'm sure that he has a nice golden parachute for when he exits the beantown political stage. I'm just grateful that we live over a hundred miles away from his town....

BobG said...

Boston is one of my favorite cities but I only want to visit.