Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Shift Happens

Has the John Kerry balancing act resulted in brain damage?

John Kerry never seems to get it right and constantly has to try and reinvent himself. He has gone from fighting in Vietnam to describing his fellow veterans as those "who are given the chance to die for the biggest nothing in history." He now has moved from backing the war in Iraq to saying he was wrong to support a mistake. John's addiction to second-guessing himself is his own affair, but, unfortunately, he wants to second-guess everyone else also.

Whatever the mood of the public opinion polls, the Sunshine Patriot, is there.

John, just show us everything in your military records so there will be no second-guessing about that.

John Kerry testimony before the US Senate April, 1971:"While I wouldn't presume to compare my own experience, I have taken a great deal of criticism since I myself in 1965 took issue with the then President Johnson over his policies. I did what I could within my particular role in the Government to persuade both President Johnson and subsequent political leaders that this was not in the interests of our country. I did this, not because I thought they were evil men inherently or they were morally misguided, but their political judgment was wrong. All of us, of course, know that as fallible human beings we all make errors of judgment."

John Kerry statement at Take Back America Conference June, 2006:"It's not enough to argue with the logistics or to argue about the details or the manner of the conflict's execution or the failures of competence, as great as they are. It is essential to acknowledge that the war itself was a mistake, to say the simple words that contain more truth than pride. We were misled. We were given evidence that was not true. It was wrong, and I was wrong to vote for that Iraqi resolution."

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